Program Coordinator

Program Coordinator Position with Pre-College Programs

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Program Coordinators (PCs) develop activities for summer students, including but not limited to, academic, recreational, cultural, and career exploration activities. They research, plan, and execute excursions to New York City work sites and major organizations, prominent landmarks and hidden treasures of the city, as well as cultural performances. PCs also have the opportunity to plan and coordinate workshops for young women seeking leadership, entrepreneurial training, or scientific exploration. There are 5 Program Coordinator Positions in total. 

NOTE: Currently enrolled students returning for Fall 2018 semester are eligible to apply.


Young Women’s Leadership Institute (YWLI)

The Young Women’s Leadership Institute PC is responsible for developing all aspects of the 9-day program with the assistance of information from previous years.  Responsibilities include planning workshops, arranging speakers, coordinating workplace site visits, and advising student projects (with the assistance of YWLI RAs). PC may also assist the two faculty members with logistics and communication with students. The YWLI Program Coordinator ideally has had academic exposure to Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, or Sociology. 

Beyond the Gates (BG)

The Beyond the Gates PC is responsible for organizing the career exploration program that is mandatory for all students in the four-week Summer in the City program and takes place every Wednesday from 9AM-5PM. The BG program includes trips to public and private sector organizations throughout New York City, on-campus meetings with professionals and/or Barnard alumnae, community service opportunities, college admissions workshops, and career exploration workshops. The BG PC develops contacts with outside agencies, maintains a contact database, and maintains communication with all site coordinators.  In addition, the BG PC will assign Resident Assistants to chaperone events as needed. This position provides a wonderful opportunity to explore areas of career development and to network with alums and other professionals in various careers.

Athena Summer Innovation Institute (ASII)

The Athena Summer Innovation Institute PC is responsible for assisting the professional staff (entrepreneurs, marketing experts, leaders in industry, and startup ventures) in coordinating the smooth operation of this program, created in collaboration with the Athena Center. The ASII PC will assist with the logistics of planned field trips, team projects, and the final presentations as well as communication between professional staff and students. The ideal ASII PC is highly organized and works well in a team environment. 

Trip Coordinator

The Trip Coordinator is full-time and responsible for planning all evening and weekend recreational activities for students including, but not limited to, the purchase of tickets for Broadway shows, art and science museums, and New York City walking and boat tours. The PC is responsible for identifying the multitude of free activities New York City has to offer and planning cultural and social excursions throughout the city and working with the Residential Life staff to coordinate on-campus programs. The PC will also maintain a list of faculty field trips in conjunction with the PCP Office and will assign RAs to those faculty field trips as needed. The PC must be able to create and balance a budget, manage petty cash, and be responsible in the use of a College-issued credit card.  She will also coordinate sign-up procedures for each event whether faculty field trip or excursion, manage the daily administration of excursions, and provide detailed instructions to the designated staff person. The PC must maintain regular office hours during the summer program to sell tickets and answer student, staff, and site coordinators’ questions. The PC will also organize the day-to-day logistics of non-ticketed events, sign-ups, and Resident Assistant information packets. A successful candidate will possess strong administrative, financial, and time-management skills, while also being creative, resourceful, and responsible.

Dance in the City (DITC)

The Dance in the City Program Coordinator will assist DITC Program Instructor, Sydnie Mosley, with all things pertaining to the execution of the program. Their role includes, but is not limited to, researching summer performances and workshops/events for students to attend, purchasing tickets for performances and workshops/events, and coordinating Barnard dance studio space reservations with Dance Department for all scheduled studio classes, and any additional student rehearsals during the 11-day program. They also assist with Guest Artist / Lecturer Outreach, collecting bios and any other necessary documentation, updating the Student Handbook, and coordinate with the dance studio(s) where students take open classes. The DITC Program Coordinator is ideally a dance major/minor with a developed knowledge of New York City dance. She should expect to work closely with the Program Instructor and a team of Resident Assistants.