Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs create things; whether it's a non-profit feeding the homeless, a small business selling lemonade, babysitting services in your neighborhood, or a mobile phone app -  a popular blog or your own medical practice. Entrepreneurs are also doctors, lawyers, engineers, fashion designers, writers, artists, activists and more! Having the skills to create something real out of your ideas is part of what it means to have entrepreneurial ability, and as an entrepreneur-in-training we help you discover and develop the skills you already have in order to tap into and maximize your entrepreneurial spirit.

I've never had any entrepreneurship experience, is that okay?

Yes, of course! Don't worry, you'll learn everything you need to know to get started as an entrepreneur at ASII.

I don't have any tech-related experience or skills like coding. Is that okay?

Totally. Tech-related experience is great and coding is a useful skill, but neither are necessary for ASII. We'll teach you basics and vocabulary that will help you work in the tech space as part of your startup, if needed.

Do I need to bring a business idea with me to ASII?

Not at all. The very first day of the program involves working as a team to create business ideas. At ASII, you will work in a group with 2 other students to flesh out a business blueprint together and will work for the rest of the program on that startup as a team.

I've never pitched a business and I'm nervous about public speaking, is that ok?

Yes! We don't think about pitching as much as storytelling, and everyone can become good at telling a story - especially with the amazing performers and Broadway actors who we bring in to coach you on your story and presentation skills. You'll be pitching as a team and also will have plenty of support and an audience of people who are warm and eager to hear what you and your team have to say.



What kind of clothing should I pack to prepare for a summer in New York City and for ASII?

Although students will be staying in an air-conditioned dorm, NYC summers are hot and humid. We suggest students pack comfortable, cool clothing for down time and summer business casual clothing for off-campus field trips to professional work-places. More information about dress code can be found here.

I have never lived in a dorm before, what should I bring?

Residential Life and Housing can tell you what to pack for your dorm here.

What did last year's participants think of the program?

"At first I couldn't imagine myself pitching and was kind of hesitant about how I could succeed. But by the end I had a sense of 'I can do this!'"

"The class with Elizabeth Talerman on Marketing was my favorite because  I could really sense her passion in what she does."

"Thanks again for everything, it was a really intense but well planned out program!"

"At first I was a bit scared because I was not sure exactly how to work in a business-like environment however I truly ended up loving it in the end."

"It definitely completely exceeded my expectations. I had the most incredible 10 days!"

"The best classes I've taken!"

"Best experience of my life (make it longer)!"

"I think I have a good foundation of everything we learned, from financials to marketing."

"I don't want to leave! Every day got better and better."

"It made me feel like I was a Barnard student which I hope to be one day."

"To be honest I really want it to never end! I don't want it to end because I actually created something I am so proud of! Thank you!"