Dance in the City

Come to New York City to dance, to learn, to explore

Learn about dance from four different perspectives: as a scholar, as a dancer, as a choreographer, and as an audience member.

Sunday, July 7 - Friday, July 19, 2019

In the classroom:


Instructor: Sydnie Mosley

This course constructs a bridge between topics in dance scholarship and applied practices. We will learn to critically analyze, write and discuss various forms of dance while engaging with New York City artists, institutions and live performances. Topics we will investigate include: reading dance as a cultural text, understanding the role of the teaching artist, understanding the effects of dance criticism, discovering post-modernism and its contemporary legacy in New York City, and understanding music-dance relationships from the perspective of composers & choreographers.

In the studio:

Fine-tune your technique with The Ailey Extension at The Joan Weill Center for Dance in classes ranging from the modern styles of Horton and Contemporary to classical ballet. Please note: this is not a conservatory program. 

Create your own work! Based on what you learn in class, you will choreograph a work created in collaboration with classmates. At the end of the program, students will perform their work at the Festival of the Arts.

In the theater:

Embrace the art of dance at professional performances throughout the city. Last summer's class saw performances as varied as Savion Glover and Tap It Out at the World Financial Center Winter Garden.

Listen to a podcast featuring Dance in the City instructor Sydnie Mosley here!