Annie Aversa

Annie arrived at Barnard in August of 2000 from the University at Stony Brook. She has been working in residential life since she first became an RA in 1978 (yes, that IS a long time ago!). Since completing her Master's Degree in Social Work in the early 80s, Annie has never left the college campus environment. She loves being part of the vibrancy of a campus community and working with students in all capacities. Annie is originally from Waukesha, Wisconsin - a lovely suburb of Milwaukee, and prides herself on being a complete and dedicated Wisconsin geek. She loves to talk Badger and Packer football and anything "midwest!"

In her position as the Associate Dean for Campus and Residential Life, Annie is responsible for all services provided by the Residential Life and Housing office, as well as serving as a liaison with a number of other campus departments who provide service to students (e.g., Counseling, Primary Care Health Service, Public Safety, Disability Services, ASAP, etc.). Annie is also an active member of the Dean's Evaluation Committee, Campus Emergency Management Committee, Summer Housing Planning Group, Administrative International Group, and a host of other campus committees and task forces.

Annie can be reached in the Residential Life and Housing Office in 110 Sulzberger, or by calling 212-854-5561, or email at,