Chana Etengoff

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Professor Chana Etengoff’s scholarship is focused on understanding how cultural, gender and sexual minority groups agentively mediate sociorelational conflicts—transforming minority stress into stress related growth. Her work is informed by a theoretical stance that human development is a constructive process embedded in relational, sociopolitical and historical contexts. Recent projects include inquiries into how Muslim emerging adults navigate difficult intergroup relations post 9/11 and how gay emerging adults from religious backgrounds mediate familial and cultural conflicts. Current lines of research are focused on understanding the mediating role of transgender vlogs and the LGBTQ Muslim Experience.

Dr. Etengoff is now co-editing a special guest issue of the Journal of Homosexuality on the LGBTQ Muslim Experience. The Call for Papers is open until April 1st 2017 and can be accessed here:

Dr. Etengoff is also the Director of Barnard's Minority Conflict & Mediation (MCM) Lab and the department representative to the Barnard Queers & Allies Network. Professor Etengoff has served as a peer reviewer for the Journal of Adolescent Research, Self and Identity, APA's Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, Journal of Homosexuality, Psychology of Men & Masculinity, Journal of GLBT Family Studies, the Journal of Lesbian Studies, and the Journal of Youth & Society. Her ongoing research project focusing on the intersection of sexual and religious identity among LGBTQ Muslims was recently awarded competitive funding by the Barnard College-Columbia University Faculty Research Grant & the Equality Knowledge Project Grant (Equality Research Center, Eastern Michigan University).

Awards & Honors: 

2017-2018  Equality Knowledge Project Scholar, Eastern Michigan University

2016-2017  Faculty Partner of the Year Awardee, Barnard College

2015-2017 Barnard College-Columbia University Faculty Research Grant Awardee

2013-2014 Hybrid Course Training Fellow, Center for Teaching Excellence and Learning, City College of New York

2012-2013 Graduate Center Dissertation Fellowship & Award Competition Winner, City University of New York Graduate Center

2011-2012 CUNY Writing Fellow, CUNY Graduate Center

2007-2011 Graduate Teaching Fellow & Enhanced Chancellors Fellow, CUNY Graduate Center

2009 Minority Access Graduate Networking in the Sciences, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, National Science Foundation Award #0450360

Presentations / Recent Lectures: 


Etengoff, C., & Rodriguez, E. M.  (June 7-10, 2016). A Mixed-Methods Analysis of Lesbian Muslims’ Depression & Familial Rejection. Paper presented at the International Conference on Interpersonal Acceptance-Rejection, Madrid, Spain.

Etengoff, C. &  & Polihronakis, C.J.* (March 3-5, 2016). Gay Men’s and their Religious Family Allies’ Projective Responses to Coming-Out Vignettes. Paper presented at the Eastern Psychological Spring 2016 Meeting, New York City.

Etengoff, C., & Rodriguez, E. M. (June 25-27. 2015). Transvlogs: A Tool for Relational Resilience & Social Justice. Paper presentation at the Digital Queers 2015 Conference, The New School, New York City.

Etengoff, C., & Daiute, C. (September 29-October 3, 2014). Mediating Communal Homophobia with Narrative Tools. Paper presentation at the International Society for Cultural Activity Research (ISCAR), Sydney, Australia.

Etengoff, C., Guiterez, R.*, Opromalla, J.*, Schor, D.*, & Steinmetz, M.* (October 19, 2013). Exploring How Online Communication Mediates Family and Society Relations During the Transitioning Process. Paper presentation at the New England Psychological Association.

Etengoff, C., & Daiute, C. (March 1-4, 2013). Do Unto Others: A Cultural Historical Analysis of How Gay Men from Religious Backgrounds Mediate Post-Disclosure Conflicts with Religious Relatives. In C. Etengoff (Chair), Understanding how LGBTQ Individuals Negotiate Sexual Minority Stress: Emerging Insights from Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research, Symposium at the Eastern Psychological Association Spring 2013 Meeting, New York City.

Etengoff, C., (December 5, 2012). Emerging Adulthood in the Orthodox Jewish Community. Invited presentation at Ohel Children’s Home and Family Service Agency, Brooklyn, New York.

Etengoff, C., (October 21, 2012). Humanization Strategies used by Religious Relatives of Gay Men to Mediate Post-disclosure Conflicts. Paper presentation at the 24th Greater New York Conference on Behavioral Research, Fordham University, New York.

Etengoff, C., (October 12, 2012). Photo Essays: Developing Students’ Visual Literacy, Presentation Skills, and Content Knowledge. Paper presentation at the Third Annual Pedagogy Day at the Graduate Center of City of New York.

Etengoff, C., (October 27-28, 2011). Sunni Muslim Emerging Adults’ Conceptions of the Transition to Adulthood. In C. Etengoff (Chair), Varieties of Adulthood Conceptions, Symposium conducted at the 5th Conference on Emerging Adulthood, Providence, Rhode Island.

Etengoff, C., (April 9, 2010). Wired kids: Exploring the technologization of Cultural Tool Theory. Paper presentation at the Exploring Childhood Studies: A Graduate Student Conference, Rutgers-The State University, Camden, NJ.

Etengoff, C. (March 10-13, 2010). Keeping the faith during emerging adulthood: A study of biculturalism amongst Modern-Orthodox Jews. In C. Etengoff (Chair), Critical Issues of Emerging Adulthood Symposium: Religious and Ethnic Identity, Mortality, and Anxiety, Symposium conducted at the Eastern Psychological Association, Brooklyn, NY.

Etengoff, C., (September 25-27, 2009). The fashion of virtual space & place. Paper presentation at the 2009 1st Global Fashion Conference: Exploring Critical Issues, Oxford, United Kingdom.

*=Student Authors


Etengoff, C., & Rodriguez, E.M. (In Press). Gay Men’s and their Family Allies’ Scriptural Engagement, Psychology of Religion and Spirituality.

Rodriguez, E. M., Etengoff, C., Vaughn, M. (In Press). Identity Integration in Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual People of Faith: A Quantitative Examination of the Intersection between Sexual Orientation and Religious/Spiritual Beliefs, Journal of Homosexuality.

Etengoff, C. (2017). Petitioning for Change: Letters to Religious Leaders from Gay Men and their Religious Family Allies, Journal of Homosexuality, 64(2), 166-194. doi:10.1080/00918369.2016.1174022

Etengoff, C. (2016) Using Zines to Teach about Gender Minority Experiences & Mixed-Methods Research. Feminist Teacher, 25(2-3), 211-218.

Etengoff, C. & Daiute, C. (2015). Online Coming Out Communications between Gay Men and their Religious Family Allies: A Family of Choice and Origin Perspective, Journal of GLBT Family Studies, 11(13), 278-304. doi: 10.1080/1550428X.2014.964442

Etengoff, C. & Daiute, C. (2015). Clinicians’ perspectives of religious families’ and gay men’s negotiation of sexual orientation disclosure and prejudice, Journal of Homosexuality, 62(3), 394-426. doi: 10.1080/00918369.2014.977115

Etengoff, C. & Daiute, C. (2014). Family Members’ Uses of Religion in Post–Coming-Out Conflicts With Their Gay Relative. Psychology of Religion and Spirituality. 6(1), 33-43. doi: 10.1037/a0035198

Etengoff, C. & Daiute, C. (2013). Sunni-Muslim American Religious Development during Emerging Adulthood, Journal of Adolescent Research, 28(6), 690-714. doi: 10.1177/0743558413477197

Etengoff, C. (2011). An Exploration of religious gender differences amongst Jewish-American emerging adults of different socio-religious subgroups, Archive for the Psychology of Religion, 33(3), 371-391. doi: 10.1163/157361211X607316

Etengoff, C. (2011). Playing with Pixels: Youth, Identity, and Virtual Play Spaces, Childhoods Today, 5 (2), ISSN 1753-0849.


Etengoff, C. (2016). “You Say you love me, but you don’t support me”: Coming out communications within religious family contexts. In L. Olson & M. Fine (Eds.), The Darker Side of Family Communication: The Harmful, the Morally Suspect, and the Socially Inappropriate. Peter Lang Publishing, Inc.

Rodriguez, E.M. & Etengoff, C. (2016). Religious Workplaces: The Joys, Trials and Tribulations of LGBT Clergy, In Sexual Orientation and Transgender Issues in Organizations - Global Perspectives on LGBT Workforce Diversity. Springer.

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Polihronakis, C.J., Etengoff, C., Rodriguez, E.M. (2016). LGBTQ Issues in K-12 Urban Education Across Global Contexts. In A.E. Goldberg (Ed.) The SAGE Encyclopedia of LGBTQ Studies. SAGE.

Etengoff, C., (2012). Fashioning Identities in Virtual Environments, in Fashions: Exploring fashion through culture. Probing the Boundaries at the Interface Series. (pp.135-150). J.L. Foltyn (Ed.), Oxford, UK: The Inter-Disciplinary Press. ISBN: 978-1-84888-015-3.


Ph.D., Human Development, Graduate Center of the City University of New York.


M. Phil, Psychology, Graduate Center of the City University of New York.


M.A., Psychology, Graduate Center of the City University of New York.


B.S., Marketing & Communication Studies, Stern College, New York.

In the News

Prof. Etengoff's article "Petitioning for Social Change" has been published in the Journal of Homosexuality.

Rachel Ende '16, a researcher at the Transgender Video Blog Project run by the Minority Conflict and Mediation Laboratory, writes about her research and the work she presented at a national conference.

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