Jacob Alexander

Director of General Chemistry Laboratory

Senior Lecturer in Chemistry

Jacob Alexander ("Dr. J"), Lecturer in Chemistry, joined the faculty of Barnard in 2005 as Director of the General Chemistry Laboratory. His doctoral research focus centered on the development and characterization of organometallic complexes of the heavy alkaline earth metals. As a postdoctoral researcher at The Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel, he investigated oxygen and nitrogen ligated organotitanium compounds and their role as potential antitumor agents. Dr. J's primary teaching responsibilities in the Department of Chemistry center on the BC2001x General Chemistry Laboratory course as well as the advanced analytical lab and lecture courses for chemistry and biochemistry majors.

As one of the primary advisors for chemistry in the Department, seek Dr. J out with any and all questions about Chemistry at Barnard.


Selected Publications

"Alkali Metal Diphenylmethanides: Synthetic, Computational and Structural Studies" (with D. G. Allis, W. Teng and K. Ruhlandt-Senge), Chemistry--A European Journal 13 (2007)

"Active Cytotoxic Reagents Based on Non-metallocene Non-diketonato Well-Defined C2-Symmetrical Titanium Complexes of TetradentateBis(phenolato) Ligands" (with M. Shavit, D. Peri, C. M. Manna, and E. Y. Tshuva), Journal of the American Chemical Society 129 (2007)

"Distinctive Structural Features of Hydroxyamino-1,3,5-triazine Ligands Leading to Enhanced Hydrolytic Stability of Their Titanium Complexes" (with D.Peri, E. Y. Tshuva and A. Melman),
Dalton Transactions 34 (2006)

"More Arrows in the Quiver: New Pathways and Old Problems with Heavy Alkaline Earth Metal Diphenylmethanides" (with K. Ruhlandt-Senge), Chemistry--A European Journal 10 (2004)

Academic Focus: 

Organometallic chemistry
Inorganic chemistry
X-ray crystallography
Chemical education


707 Altschul Hall


Ph.D., Syracuse University

B.S., Tennessee Technological University

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