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Sumati Gupta


Sumati Gupta, PhD joined Barnard College in 2012 as Term Assistant Professor in the psychology department. She teaches courses with a clinical emphasis.

Her research interests include the ways in which people regulate their emotions while experiencing eating disorder symptoms or after experiencing traumatic events. After completing a B.A. at Duke University, Professor Gupta completed a PhD in clinical psychology at Columbia University.

In an effort to disseminate research on eating disorders to the general public, Prof Gupta created and maintains "Binge Eating and Bulimia: The latest psychological research" www.bingeeatingbulimia.com

Prof Gupta is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in cognitive behavior therapy for anxiety disorders and eating disorders at Tribeca Psychology www.tribecapsychology.com and works pro-bono with domestic violence survivors through Connect and Change www.connectandchange.weebly.com.


Abnormal Psychology, BC 2141

Introduction to Clinical Psychology, BC 2156

Eating Disorders, BC 3366

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