Sumati Gupta

Sumati Gupta, PhD joined the psychology faculty at Barnard College in 2012. She teaches courses with a clinical emphasis.

Professor Gupta's research focuses largely on eating disorder symptoms and trauma among undergraduates as well as cultural factors in the experience of mental health. She has mentored several student-led research projects in these areas including an investigation of mobile apps to reduce food cravings, predictors of resilience after experiences of queer-based trauma, and the effect of Jewish Sabbath observance in disordered eating behaviors. In addition to conducting studies at Barnard, Prof Gupta mentors independent research projects in conjunction with faculty at local hospital psychiatry departments including Mt Sinai and NY State Psychiatric Institute.

After completing a B.A. at Duke University, Professor Gupta completed a PhD in clinical psychology at Columbia University. Prof Gupta is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in cognitive behavior therapy for anxiety disorders, eating disorders, and trauma at Tribeca Psychology


Current: Eating Disorders, BC 3366 and Independent Study, BC 3604

Past: Abnormal Psychology, BC 2141 and Introduction to Clinical Psychology, BC 2156


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