Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Scholars are accepted per year?

Cohort size varies from year to year. Recent classes have had 4-8 students, with a maximum cohort size possible of up to fifteen students.

Is it possible to study abroad during my time as a Scholar?

Yes! The Program is very supportive of studying abroad. Students would work with the Office of International and Intercultural Programs to plan their study abroad and would keep in touch with their mentor while away.

Can I use my summer funds for living expenses if I stay in New York City (or go elsewhere) over the summer?

Yes. The funds are designed to help you implement a plan of action that will lead to a finished project. So long as you maintain a good standing in the program and can justify how you are spending the money, it can be used for smaller expenses as well as for costlier expenses (such a travel or helping commission original music for a film score).

What types of projects have former scholars undertaken?

Our first class will graduate in 2021, and so they have yet to formulate their projects. The Barbara Silver Horowitz Scholars of Distinction Program, however, is based on a longstanding Centennial Scholars Program, initiated in 1985. To get a sense of the range and scope of past projects click here.

Would it be possible to draw upon my summer funds before I have a mentor?

Although scholars are strongly encouraged to save their funding for the summers after their second and third years, this is not a hard and fast rule. Scholars who make a compelling case for why an early use of funds would further a particular project may draw upon their funds after their first year.

Can I apply for the Scholar’s Program?

Scholars are selected during the admissions process. The committee, made up of Admissions staff and faculty, seek innovative thinkers and students they believe have strong self-direction. There is nothing students need to do to apply—all students will be evaluated for the program. Just compose thoughtful essays, do imaginative things while in high school, and inspire your teachers to write detailed and supportive letters of recommendation.

Does the Scholars Program function in tandem with the Financial Aid Office?

No. The Barbara Silver Horowitz ’55 Scholars of Distinction Program is not a form of financial aid and is independent of the need-based aid available at the College. All inquiries about the availability of financial aid and that process need to be directed to the Financial Aid office. Program directors have no ability to influence a student’s eligibility for financial aid.