Faculty Definition and Responsibilities

The Barnard Faculty

"The Barnard Faculty consists of scholar-teachers who have long recognized that their teaching depends upon their scholarship and grows out of it. The range of the Barnard curriculum fairly reflects this understanding, both in its concentration upon the traditional disciplines of learning and in its innovative interdisciplinary programs. The scholarly commitment of the Barnard Faculty is constantly shown, too, in the variety and quality of its many research projects, its books and articles in learned journals, its participation in academic societies, its many different kinds of publications and performance. But its abiding achievement is a constant demonstration in the classroom of the binding ties of teaching and scholarship to each other which simply will not accept the possibility of any serious conflict between them. For in these central functions, Barnard's scholar-teachers honor the enduring values of their profession."
[Statement adopted by the Faculty and the Board of Trustees, 1978.]


Subject to the reserve power retained by the Board of Trustees, it is the responsibility of the Faculty to:

  • fix the requirements of admission to the College, the courses of study therein, and the conditions of graduation;
  • establish rules for ascertaining the proficiency of students and for the assignment of honors;
  • fix the times of examinations other than the final and deferred examinations;
  • recommend to the President of the College and the President of the University those candidates who shall have satisfactorily fulfilled in Barnard College the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Arts;
  • prepare and publish from time to time a statement of the courses of study in the College, specifying the studies to be pursued in each year, and each of the departments of instruction;
  • appoint all scholars or make provisions for their appointment; and
  • make all such regulations of their own proceedings and for the better governance of the College as shall not contravene the Charter, the Statutes, or any action by the Board of Trustees.

No exercise of the powers conferred on the Faculty which involves a change in the educational policy of the College or the University in respect to the requirements of admission, the required course of study, or the conditions of graduation, shall take effect until the same has been approved by the Board of Trustees.

Faculty Employment Opportunities

Employment opportunities are available on the Human Resources website.