Academic Department Computer Purchases

Policy on Academic Department Computer Purchases

The College, with approval from the Provost's Office, purchases one Dell or Apple laptop or desktop computer in standard configurations for use by full-time multi-year faculty and staff members. This computer is purchased from a central academic budget, and is designated as a "primary" computer. When possible, one-year terms will be assigned a repurposed BCIT-supported computer. For adjunct faculty, a new or repurposed desktop is assigned to an office shared by adjunct faculty depending on the stipulated and available budget. These shared computers will be replaced by either a new or used computer in stock as determined by the Provost’s Office and BCIT.

Purchasing a Primary Computer

Full-time faculty members who are approved for a new computer (either because they are joining the College, or because their current primary computer is due for replacement) can reach out to BCIT for intake and/or to see the current list of standard desktop & laptop configurations, and select a model according to their preference. Upon choosing a model, the faculty member or their department assistant can open a ticket with BCIT specifying which they would like; BCIT will respond with a quote, which the department should submit to the Provost's Office along with a purchase requisition.

If a faculty member wishes to request a non-standard configuration for their primary computer, the request must be reviewed and approved by the Provost's Office. Faculty with specialized computer needs should contact BCIT for consultation and a quote, which the faculty member can then discuss/negotiate with the Provost's Office. When approval has been obtained, the department should submit the quote to the Provost's Office along with a purchase requisition.

Shared computers, such as those in departmental computer labs or shared by adjunct faculty, will be replaced either by a new or used computer in stock as determined by the Provost’s Office and BCIT. To purchase or replace shared departmental computers, the department should first contact the Provost's Office. If replacement is warranted, a new or recently repurposed computer will be provided.

Non-Functioning Primary Computers

Faculty members with non-operational computers should contact BCIT for assistance. BCIT will determine if the unit can be repaired/restored to functionality; if not, they will provide a quote for a replacement computer and copy the Provost's Office for approval. Upon receipt of this approval, the faculty member or department assistant can submit the quote and a purchase requisition to the Provost's Office for the replacement.

The Provost has a limited computer budget reserved for unexpected midyear replacement computers. If BCIT determines a faculty member’s computer is operational but beyond the fourth year of service, the faculty member will receive a replacement machine as soon as the budget permits and certainly no later than the upcoming fiscal year.

Non-Primary Computers

Typically, internal or external grant or award funds should be used to cover the costs of additional faculty computer purchases, designated "research" computers. Examples include a second computer (such as a laptop, when the faculty member has a desktop already) and computers for running lab equipment or specialized software. To purchase or replace a research computer with grant or award funds, the faculty member can contact BCIT to obtain a quote, and can submit the purchase requisition to Purchasing directly with the appropriate account number.

Academic departments' computer budget lines can be used to purchase speakers, external drives, webcams, and other peripherals for individual faculty, which should be purchased directly via departmental p-card. Computers for individual faculty should not be purchased from departmental budgets.

Annual Budget Requests for Replacing Computers

Consistent with BCIT’s Hardware Support Policy, the Provost will plan, as the budget allows, for the replacement of computers in the fifth year of service.

In the new fiscal year, faculty members who are due for computer replacements should reach out to BCIT at their convenience to start the purchasing process (as described above). When a computer is replaced, BCIT will take the old unit and either redeploy it within the College or dispose of it in a secure and environmentally-sound fashion.

Requests for New or Replacement Printers

Consistent with the recommendations of the 2011 Zero-Based Budget Review Print Committee, Business Operations, and BCIT, the Provost encourages faculty to contact Business Operations to discuss the use of the campus Multi-Function Printers (MFPs) for their printing needs. The MFPs are the most efficient and environmentally-friendly option for nearly all printing tasks. The routine purchase of new or replacement consumer-grade personal printers has been discontinued. Faculty members with non-operational printers are asked to contact their department assistant. The department assistant should contact BCIT and open a ticket, requesting the printer be assessed and serviced if possible.

Computer Disposal Upon Faculty Member's Departure

When a faculty member leaves Barnard, their computers (whether purchased from central or grant funds) remain with the College for re-assignment. All such computers will be completely wiped and re-imaged to remove any personal data from the previous person. Exceptions to this policy may only be granted by the Provost directly and under extremely limited circumstances.

The department assistant or department chair is responsible for notifying BCIT when a faculty member is departing. BCIT and the Provost's Office will respond with what computer(s) are listed as in use by that faculty member, and will make arrangements to collect the unit(s) for redeployment.

Other Useful Information

BCIT can assist with an audit of computer equipment in your department, advice on the appropriate computer and software for particular needs, and information about site licenses for software. BCIT also oversees delivery, installation, and securing of the computer, and arranges for the removal of the obsolete equipment following the Recycling Guidelines.

Purchasing handles all of the College’s Purchase Orders, tracks the delivery of equipment from vendors, and arranges payment of vendors.

The buyer’s responsibility is to identify their funding source.

Please be sure to review the Barnard Apple Support Policy on the BCIT webpage:

Last updated 09/01/2017