Snow and Weather Emergencies

Classes during Snow & Weather Emergencies

The general rule is that the College remains open and classes are held as usual.  If an individual faculty member cannot get to campus, that particular class may be cancelled. If a student is unable to get to campus, it will be considered an excused absence, and the student should be permitted to make up the work.

On those rare occasions where it seems prudent to close the College due to weather emergencies, classes will be cancelled. 

However, specific departments or faculty members who wish to hold classes may do so if they inform students in writing, at the beginning of each semester (preferably in the syllabus for the class) and provide students with clear instructions on notification (e.g. via e-mail).  In addition, if there is advance notice of a weather alert, faculty who intend to hold classes should remind students in the class before the weather event. No student who is unable to get to campus for the class may be penalized and it is the instructor's responsibility to enable a student who could not attend to make up the missed class.