For All Full-time Faculty

Faculty Research Grants, entitlement funds, conference travel, and top-off grants and funds are available to all full-time faculty who are not in their terminal year.

Faculty Research Grants (Formerly "Mini Grants")

All full-time faculty on a multi-year appointment and not in their terminal year—and whose project does not take place during or beyond their terminal year—are eligible to apply for research support of up to $4000 in a given year. When convincing justification is provided and funds are available, larger grants of up to $8,000 are available for research projects that require two years to complete. For more information and to apply, please visit Forms and Guidelines

Faculty Conference Travel Grants (FCTG)

Faculty may receive up to $2,900 over one fiscal year (July 1st to June 30th) for conference travel.  There are maximum limits for airfare, ground transportation, hotel rates, and daily food expenses. For more information on the Faculty Travel Grant Fund (FCTG) policy, please visit Forms and Guidelines and scroll down to the 'Grants Applications and Forms' section.

Top-Off Funds

Tenured, tenure-line, and off-ladder faculty in the Professors of Professional Practice series are eligible for (Top-Off) funds to bridge the gap between external fellowships stipends and the salary that would have been earned. To maintain eligibility for this award, faculty must notify the Institutional Support Office and obtain the approval of the Provost prior to submission of the application for the fellowship.