College Committees

Barnard College has both elected and standing committees. The Faculty Governance and Procedures (FGP) Committee appoint members of standing committees. Elected and Standing committees may be tripartite, composed of faculty members, administrators, and students designated by the Student Government Association. Unless specifically indicated, faculty typically serve 2 year terms on all committees. At the start of each academic year, all faculty should receive a request to indicate the three standing committees they prefer to serve on. The FGP uses the completed forms to assign faculty to standing committees.

Faculty in the Professional Practice series may be named to or elected to College committees in seats reserved for untenured faculty (i.e., Assistant Professors of Professional Practice) or tenured faculty (i.e., Associate Professors or Professors of Professional Practice), with the exception of the Advisory Committee on Appointments, Tenure and Promotion (ATP) and the Faculty Budget and Planning Committee (members of these two committees must be tenured, and in the case of the ATP, at least three must be full professors).[Resolution passed by the Faculty on April 3, 2000.]

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