Course Evaluations


The Barnard Faculty's commitment to monitoring teaching effectiveness was formalized in the following resolution:

Resolved, that beginning in 1989-90, all Departments will provide enrolled students an opportunity to make written evaluations of all undergraduate courses taught by Barnard faculty. [REF: Faculty Meeting, Minutes 4/3/89.]


Course evaluation forms are available through New CourseWorks @ Barnard to all enrolled students in all undergraduate courses taught by Barnard faculty. During the 2008-2009 academic year, after much consultation with various faculty and student committees, the College revised its course evaluation and moved to an online evaluation system. This college-wide effort has resulted in a form and system that will provide more in-depth and useful feedback from students on their courses and faculty. Instructors are able to add up to ten of their own customized questions to the end of the standard form. Faculty do not need to direct students to fill out the online evaluations, but they are welcome to remind students in class of the importance of doing so. They system will generate reminder messages to the students during the evaluation period. A department may opt out and take responsibility for implementing its own system by petitioning to the ATP.

For detailed information on dates and procedures visit the Instructional Support page on the Library's web site.


Departments are expected to utilize student course evaluations to improve the overall quality of department offerings; for advising individual faculty members (especially new ones) on how they might improve their teaching; for evaluating faculty for purposes of review, retention, and promotion; and, for recognizing teaching excellence by all faculty. Results of the evaluations will be available for each faculty member on CourseWorks until the next mandatory review or promotion, so they can be used in that assessment.