Public Safety Department

The Barnard College Public Safety Department is located just opposite the Main Gate at 117th Street and Broadway, in Barnard Hall, Room 104. It is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. Public Safety Officers are College employees who are unarmed and do not have law enforcement status. They are, however, authorized to detain and apprehend suspects and to maintain order on campus grounds.

Members of the community may report crimes or emergencies at any time, day or night, by calling the Public Safety Department at x88 or x43362. The dispatcher on duty will notify officers, supervisors, and administrators according to the circumstances. Reported campus incidents, whether minor or serious, are logged by the dispatcher, and daily reports are sent to appropriate administrative offices for review and follow-up. Should a serious crime be reported, the Public Safety Department informs the community as promptly as possible by e-mail, telephone voicemail, and by posting ALERT notices on bulletin boards throughout the campus.

When appropriate, the College will report a crime to the New York City Police Department and will assist any student who wishes to make a complaint to the police. Such reports by members of the community are a critical element in helping to prevent crime and in making the campus safer for all. The College and the police of the 26th Precinct cooperate in the investigation of crimes and in presenting educational programs on crime prevention to campus groups. The College also cooperates with the Public Safety Departments of Columbia University, Teachers College, and St. Luke's/Roosevelt Hospital, and with the local community patrol coordinated by the Morningside Area Alliance.

The College urges all members of the community to report crimes or even suspicious occurrences to the Public Safety Department.