Purchasing Procedures & Forms

The following procedures should be followed for purchase of goods and services greater than $500. For purchases under $500, please see Citizens Bank Purchasing Card Procedures and Accounts Payable websites for further instructions.

Step 1: Purchase Requisition Form

A Purchase Requisition Form is completed and signed by the department head or other authorized individual. The requisition and relevant supporting documention is submitted to the Purchasing department. Please ensure there are sufficient budgeted monies for the purchase prior to submitting a purchase requisition. For restricted funds, purchase requisitions must also be approved by the Associate Controller - Financial Reporting or Controller.

All orders over $500 require the use of a purchase order and must be submitted on a Purchase Requisition, along with supporting documents such as quotes or contracts, to the Purchasing Department for approval before the order is placed with the vendor.  “Confirming” orders are not acceptable except in an emergency situation.  The Director of Business Operations reserves the right to reject confirming orders and to hold the individual who submitted the order personally responsible for the costs of the goods or services.

Step 2a: Purchase Order Form

Upon Receipt of the Purchase Requisition Form, the Purchasing department prepares a Purchase Order. The original P.O. is sent to the vendor and two copies of the P.O. are sent to the requisitioning department. The pink copy is for the department's permanent file. The yellow copy (receiving report) is to be retained by the department until the goods are received or services are performed.

Step 2b: Annual Purchase Order

An Annual Purchase Order is used on a limited basis to eliminate repetitive requisitions to the same vendor. Supplies or services are drawn against these orders as needed by the designated departmental representative, contacting the vendor directly.

Step 3a: Authorizing Payment Upon Receipt of Goods or Services

All goods and services should be reviewed and/or inspected immediately upon receipt by an individual in the department authorized to sign for such receipt. If a shipment is complete for all items on a Purchase Order, sign and date the receiving copy of the Purchase Order (yellow copy) in the Receiving Signature box and return the yellow copy and the invoice to the Accounts Payable Department.

Step 3b: Damages and Shortages

If goods are found to be unacceptable for any reason or if a department wishes to return merchandise, contact the Purchasing department immediately. Arrangements will be made for the goods to be picked up and returned to the vendor.

Step 3c: Partial Shipments

If a partial delivery of the original order has been received: 

  • Make a photocopy of the receiving report of the Purchase Order
  • Circle and date each item received.
  • Sign and date in the applicable partial shipment box.
  • Submit this photocopy to the Accounts Payable Department along with the invoice. Repeat this procedure for subsequent partial shipments.
  • When final shipment is received, circle and date on the original yellow form the final items received; sign and date in the Receiving Signature box and submit this original to the Accounts Payable Department.

Orders of $5,000 or More

When you are contemplating a purchase of $5,000 or more for your Department, please notify the Purchasing Director before contacting vendors so we may guide you through the bidding process. Purchasing staff is available to provide you with sample bidding documents and eligible vendor lists for certain commodities. For all purchases over $5,000, three (3) written bids, quotations and/or proposals are required before the College can commit to the purchase. Copies of the bids or proposals must be submitted to Purchasing along with the Purchasing Requisition. For orders where you believe that there is only one qualified vendor, you must obtain the Purchasing Director’s approval on a Sole Source Justification Form before initiating the procurement or contract renewal process.

All Requests for Proposals (RFPs) should be coordinated through the Purchasing Department. Please contact Douglas Maget or Christina Johnson when you are ready to begin the process. The department will supply you with a template and additional guidance regarding the College's RFP procedure.

Change Orders

A Change Order for is used to make changes to an order after the Purchase Order has been generated and submitted to the vendor. Change orders should be completed for:

  • Cancellations
  • Increases in total price over 10%
  • Increasing or unencumbering funds on an Annual PO
  • Changes in quantity or individual price when the vendor requires a revised Purchase Order
  • Changing account numbers
  • Updating vendor information

Supporting documentation should be provided with change order whenever possible. Change Order forms are currently unavailable online ann may be obtained from the Purchasing Department.