Deferred Exams for classes given in fall 2016

Deferred examinations for Barnard students (for courses taught both at Barnard and Columbia) will be administered in the beginning of the following semester. The fee for each deferred examination is $10.00. The Deferred Exam Form  must have been filed with the Barnard Registrar's Office.

The schedule will be posted by January 13th.

Deferred exams for fall  2016 classes will be given on Frinday, January 20, although some exams may be given on Monday, January 23.

Deferred final examinations for Barnard students are available only to students who were absent from the regular examinations for reason of illness or emergency.  All illnesses and emergencies must have been reported to your instructor and the Office of the Dean of Studies in accordance with the Dean's email to all students.

To be eligible to take a deferred exam, you must have your name appear on the Dean of Studies approval list.

Deferred Exam Schedule for Fall 2016:

Course # Instructor Day Time Room
AHIS UN2601 Jonathan Reynolds Fri 9am 328 MIL
ASTR BC1753 Laura Kay Fri 9am 328 MIL
ASTR UN 1404-01 James Applegate Fri 1pm 328 MIL
BIOL 3320 Matthew Rhodes Fri 1pm 328 MIL
BIOL BC1501 09 James Casey, Diana Heller Fri 9am 328 MIL
BIOL BC3310 Prof. Sturley Fri 9am 328 MIL
BIOL BC3362 Elizabeth Bauer Fri 9am 328 MIL
CHEM BC 3231 Dina Merrer Fri 1pm 328 MIL
CHEM BC3282 01 Christina Vizcarra Fri 9am 328 MIL
CHEM UN1403 01 Gerard Parkin Fri 1pm 328 MIL
CHEM UN1500 03 ULICHNY, JOSEPH C Fri 9am 328 MIL
CLLT UN3132 Helene Foley Mon 1pm 225 MIL
CPLT BC3001 Emily Sun TBA     
ECON BC3035 Lalith Munasinghe Fri 1pm 328 MIL
ECON GU4228 Brendan O'Flaherty Fri 9am 328 MIL
ECON UN3412 M. Rokkanen (on leave), Prof. Seyhan Erden Fri 9am 328 MIL
EEEB-UN 1010 Jill Shapiro Mon 1pm 225 MIL
FILM UN1000 Robert King Fri 1pm 328 MIL
FREN BC1203 01 Sarah Lazur Fri 1pm 328 MIL
FREN BC1204 04 Brian O'Keefe Fri 9am 328 MIL
FREN BC3035 Caroline Weber Fri 9am 328 MIL
GERM UN1102 04 Ross Shields Fri 9am 328 MIL
HIST BC2413 Mark Carnes Fri 9am 328 MIL
MATH BC1201 Nelson Fri 9am 328 MIL
MATH UN1101 03 Luis Diogo Fri 9am 328 MIL
MATH UN1101 10 Y Lin Fri 1pm 328 MIL
MATH UN2000 Michael Harris Fri 1pm 328 MIL
MATH UN2010 04 Dave Bayer Fri 9am 328 MIL
MUSI UN1002 02 Eammon Bell Fri 9am 328 MIL
PHIL UN2702 Philip Kitcher TBA     
PHYS 3007 Prof. Pasupathy Fri 1pm 328 MIL
POLS UN3222 Gregory Wawro TBA     
PSYC BC1129 Ann Senghas Fri 9am 328 MIL
STAT GU4205 02 MALEKI, ARIAN Fri 1pm 328 MIL
STAT UN1001 02 Guy Cohen Fri 1pm 328 MIL