Adviser Instructions

Advising Students before Registration


In preparation for registration each semester, you will need to give your advisees permission to register.

The following steps are recommended:

  • Schedule advising meetings with Returning Students before the opening of advance registration
    • Advance registration occurs in April for the Fall semester and in November for the Spring semester. (See academic calendar.)
  • If you are advising New (Incoming) Students, you will meet with them during Orientation. New students register (except for their first-year requirements) during the week before classes start.
  • In preparation for the meeting, access the following tools myBarnard, under Web Advisor for Faculty:
    • Email Advisees: Email your advisees individually or in groups, using their Barnard email address. (For FERPA reasons, please do not email advisees at a personal email account.)
    • Student Planning: The student’s proposed, or “planned” class schedule & their transcript
    • Student Progress – Degree Audit: The roadmap showing a student’s progress toward meeting their degree requirements – general education and major requirements.

Please note that the major requirement portion of the audits continue to be works in progress. Be sure to consult the online catalogue and/or your department website when discussing these requirements.

  • After agreeing on a registration plan, use the Grant Permission to Register link to give approval
    • Students are assigned registration appointments, when they can register online for their desired classes and make schedule changes.
  • Schedule a follow-up meeting with your advisees between the first day of class and the Registration Deadline (end of second week of classes).
    • In Student Planning: Review the student’s final class schedule and click the Review-Complete button to sign off on it. You can archive the approved schedule for later reference.

Registration policies:

  • Barnard students should register for a full-time course load, between 12 and 18 credits per semester. Students need permission from the Dean of Studies office to register for fewer than 12 or more than 18 credits.
  • The registration system allows students to register for classes that conflict in time. This is to give students the opportunity to try out classes during the registration (“shopping”) period. Before the registration deadline, students must resolve all time conflicts on their schedules.
  • Students who fail to register during the assigned time periods will be subject to progressive late fees.
  • The final Registration Deadline for each semester is the end of the second week of classes. Students who drop classes after that deadline will be charged a partial tuition penalty in accordance with College policy.


Additional resources for advisers – including detailed how-to guides - are available in the myBarnard portal, in the upper right-hand corner, under Advising & Registration Resources.