Registration for Classes

Registration for Classes

You gain access to online registration for classes through myBarnard.

Log in to myBarnard. You will need a valid Barnard email login and password. If you do not know your Barnard email password, consult Student Computing Services. Go to Web Advisor and from there to Student Planning.  A brief summary is provided below, but training videos and FAQ's are available on myBarnard.

You will add courses that you find in the Directory of Classes. To add a course, you can search by department or by department and course number.

To see if a section has a note attached, click on the section itself.  Notes will identify a special requirement for the course (such as a required application or writing sample or attendance at the first class).   No time conflicts are allowed; you will not be able to register for two courses that overlap. If you think you have permission for a time conflict, go to the Registrar’s Office. If you register for over 18 points, the system will accept it, but you must have the approval of both your adviser  and your Class Dean  

You can plan courses as soon as the system is available, but you can Register only if you  have met with your adviser and your adviser has approved your registration.

In order to declare your major, change your major, or change major advisers, you must file paperwork with the Registrar’s Office so that your new adviser is able to see your registration.  To confirm that your current adviser is on file, log into Student Planning and make sure your adviser’s name appears on the Advising tab.

The deadline for final registration for classes is the second Friday of the semester. After that time, students and advisers will be able to view class registration, but not to change it. See all deadlines on the Academic Calendar.

Degree Audit

You also have online access to MyProgress, an audit of your degree requirements, both GER and major.   You and your adviser should consult it as you plan your classes, and should notify the Registrar's Office of inaccuracies or omissions.