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Adding Dropping or Withdrawing from Courses:

  • If you wish to add a short course, lab, discussion section, zero credit course, or change a section of a course in which you are already registered, please submit this form. to

  • To drop a course, students must seek approval from their adviser. Once it is granted, students can drop courses directly in student planning, within two days of the approval. **Advisers: you can grant permission through the portal by going to ("Faculty Matters -- Advising -- WebAdvisor")**

  • To withdraw from a course (the course remains on the transcript with a grade of W): Submit a withdrawal form with adviser approval to

Request Transcripts:

At this time, only pdf options are available - all requests should be submitted here

Declare or Change Your Major

To declare a single or double major, submit the Major Declaration form

To declare a double major that has a single integrating project, or change your major(s) or adviser, submit this form.  


Declare Your Minor

A minor is not required. If you decide to pursue a minor, submit this form once all of the courses are  "in progress" or completed, or, no later than March 1 of your senior year. 

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