Adviser Instructions

Registration (formerly called Program Filing)

Video instructions on advising are available from the myBarnard home page.

Advisers must give students approval to register for courses.  You should  meet with your advisees before you give that approval.  After you give them approval, they can make changes.

You also have direct access to your advisees’ general education degree audit and major degree audit (the major audits continue to be works in progress; be sure to consult the online Catalogue and your department's web site as you discuss the major audit with your advisees).

In Student Planning, you will see a list of your advisees. Click on the name of the advisee whose courses, transcript, etc., you wish to see.

When you look at your advisees' courses, you will see that some have notes attached.  Students should read these notes.  They will identify a specific problem, such as a time conflict or a wait list.   No time conflicts are allowed.  If a student thinks she has permission for a time conflict, she must confirm with us (and she will probably need to petition).  If she lists a program of over 18 points, the system will accept it, but she must have her Class Dean’s approval.

See the videos for information on how to enter notes and how to archive student plans.

The deadline for filing is the second Friday of the semester, but students will seek your approval for register at the beginning of the semester.

Emailing your advisees

The email addresses used in this application are the ones provided by Barnard. If you are planning on using this email application, you may wish to tell your advisees that you cannot accommodate their use of other email addresses. They can set up their BC and CU email accounts to forward to their preferred email addresses.