2018-2019 Housing Contract

If you are 17 years or older when you submit your Housing Application, you do not need to sign a paper Housing Contract (because you sign it electronically on the Housing Portal).

Students who are under 17 years of age at the time of submitting a housing application must have a parent or guardian sign the Housing Contract for them.

Completed Housing Contracts with signatures should be emailed to housing@barnard.edu.  Please make sure you include both pages of the Housing Contract when scanning / faxing / or mailing.

If you do not have access to a scanner or fax, you may use a website like http://pdfescape.com to fill in the PDF form electronically (there are also lots of iPhone & Android apps that can do this) and then email it as an attachment -- just make sure that you use the drawing tool to *DRAW* (not type) your handwritten signature(s) on the form!

Note: Signing the Housing Contract does not guarantee that a student will be assigned to housing if they are in a non-Guaranteed Applicant Category (ex. incoming Transfer students, students requesting to to return after a leave of absence, commuters, students who didn't take part in Room Selection, etc.)


I acknowledge the following conditions of my housing contract with Barnard College:

  • I agree to abide by all of the terms and conditions of the 2018-2019 Residence Hall Handbook and Fire Safety Information (available at barnard.edu/reslife/handbook), including any and all conditions, policies and procedures whether expressly stated or incorporated therein by reference. I understand that these and other College rules and regulations are subject to periodic change.
  • Residential Life & Housing (and Barnard College) uses email to communicate to residents regarding official matters. I understand that I am expected to check my Barnard gBear email account on a daily basis.
  • The Housing Contract does not constitute a lease. It confers a limited and revocable license to occupy student housing. This license can be revoked by Barnard College as outlined in the contract.
  • I understand that all Barnard students are required to enroll in a meal plan. Unless I choose to enroll or upgrade to a specific meal plan, the College will automatically enroll me in a default meal plan determined by my housing location and/or class year.
  • I understand that the College accepts no financial responsibility whatsoever for the loss of or damage to any student’s personal property, including, but not limited to, loss or damage related to fire, theft, water damage, and the elements. The College strongly encourages all residential students to secure renters insurance or ensure that their belongings are covered under their family's homeowners or renters insurance. I understand that should I fail to secure insurance, I will assume full liability for any loss or damage to my personal property. For more information about renters insurance, please see https://barnard.edu/reslife/renters-insurance.
  • I understand that my room assignment may be directly affected by Local Law 11 required façade renovation, including (but not limited to) demolition, construction, and other noise producing work.
  • Columbia University students living in Barnard residence halls will be billed directly by Columbia Housing following the rates set by Columbia Housing. Columbia students will be responsible for payment directly to Barnard College for any damage and/or cleaning fines, approved early move in/extensions fees, and/or interim housing charges incurred by their occupancy in Barnard housing.

I further understand that my signature signifies my acceptance of the contract terms & conditions regardless of my room assignment within the Barnard College (or Columbia University) residence hall system.

Terms & Conditions

All students are expected to familiarize themselves with and abide by the Residential Life & Housing policies (barnard.edu/reslife/handbook), as well as College Policies (available online in the Student Handbook, barnard.edu/doc/studenthandbook), and to also comply with applicable city, state, and federal law. Rules and regulations are subject to periodic change. Residents will be held responsible for any policy violations by their guests. Students found to be present while a violation is occurring may be considered participants and may be subject to student conduct action. Prohibited items described in these policies will be confiscated and may be discarded.

The following terms and conditions for student residence in Barnard College housing apply to all Barnard College, Columbia University, and visiting students residing in Barnard College housing during the 2018-2019 academic year. "Academic year" is defined as the period between which a student signs their residence hall contract for the noted academic year, and when the residence halls close in May 2019. BC students living in CU residence halls are subject to these terms and conditions in addition to the rules and regulations of Columbia Residence Halls. All references herein are to Barnard College offices or personnel, and "BC" or "College" refers to Barnard College, unless noted. "RL&H" refers to Residential Life & Housing. "CU," "Columbia," and "University" refers to Columbia University.


Eligibility for residence is limited to Barnard students and approved visiting students who have both completed the registration and enrollment confirmation processes and have made all required payments by the College deadlines.

Students must be enrolled at Barnard on a full-time basis. Barnard students who begin the SEAS or SIPA portion of a dual-degree program with Columbia are no longer eligible to live in Barnard campus housing (and any room assignment would be cancelled).

Some Columbia students may also be eligible, providing they meet the requirements for the Barnard/Columbia Housing Exchange as defined by both Barnard RL&H and Columbia University Undergraduate Housing.

Eligibility for residence on campus does not equal a guarantee of housing. Continuing students eligible for the Room Selection process must meet all deadlines for assignment to rooms. Incoming first-year students must meet all deadlines for submitting a housing application. Housing assignments for students in non-Guaranteed Wait List application categories (incoming Transfers, students requesting to return after a leave of absence, commuters, students who did not take part in Room Selection) are subject based on the availability of space in campus housing.

If for any reason a student ceases to be eligible for residence, they must vacate their room within 48 hours. If a student fails to confirm enrollment with the College or fails to check in to the residence hall assignment by 5pm on the first day of classes each semester, they forfeit their assigned space (and are liable for cancellation charges as outlined).

Room Charges

Barnard students assigned to campus housing are responsible for paying the established academic year rate for their room published by the College at barnard.edu/bursar/tuition-and-fees.

Barnard students living in Columbia campus housing as part of the BC/CU Housing Exchange will be billed following the Barnard room rate and responsible for payment directly to Barnard.

The College establishes room charges for the academic year. Tuition, room, board and all other fees are payable semiannually in advance, one-half by August 1 and one-half by December 1; failure to make full payment for the Fall and/or Spring semester by those dates will result in forfeiture of existing assigned space. Students continue to be responsible for room fees unless and until the housing assignment is canceled and/or vacated as specified below. In all events, no student will be allowed to occupy an assigned room until all College fees are paid in the time and manner established by the College. Failure to pay outstanding balances as required may be cause for dismissal from College housing or for such other action as may be determined appropriate by the College. I understand that the College may refer my delinquent account to credit bureaus and a collection agency. I agree to reimburse the College for the fees of any collection agency, which may be based on a percentage at a maximum of 33.33% of the debt, and all costs and expenses including reasonable attorney fees we incur in such collection efforts. This policy applies to all charges assessed by the College. I understand that the College will not provide any transcripts, diplomas or certification of degree until all outstanding balances have been resolved in full. I have read and understand this policy and agree to abide by all terms and conditions. I understand and agree that if I am younger than the applicable age of majority when I execute this agreement that the educational services provided by Barnard College are a necessity, and I am contractually obligated pursuant to the "doctrine of necessaries."

Housing Period

Students will be permitted to check in to their room on the following dates, and students must check-in during published hours:

  • Sunday, August 26, 2018 - check-in for new first-year students
  • Monday, August 27, 2018 - check-in for new Fall transfer students
  • Saturday, September 1, 2018 - check-in for continuing students
  • Wednesday, January 16, 2019 - check-in for new Spring transfer students only
  • Saturday, January 19, 2019 - check-in for continuing students new to housing for the Spring semester

The housing period begins at the time the student takes occupancy of the assigned space, which must be no later than 5pm on the first day of classes for each semester. The housing period ends 24 hours after the time a student ceases to be eligible for residence or within 24 hours after the student's last scheduled final examination. This will be no later than 9am on Friday, December 21, 2018 for the Fall semester and 5pm on Friday, May 17, 2019 for the Spring semester, regardless of the date/time of the resident's last exam. Any residential student who cancels their housing for the Spring semester must vacate their assigned space no later than 9am on Friday, December 21, 2018.

The residence halls remain open during Fall, Thanksgiving, and Spring Breaks, but are officially closed for Winter Break (9am on Friday, December 21, 2018, through 9am on Saturday, January 19, 2019). To be permitted to leave belongings in their room over the Winter Break, students must be in residence for both the Fall & Spring semesters and must be in good standing with the College (including the payment of all Spring charges by the December 1 payment deadline). Housing during the Winter Break period is limited to a small number of approved students and may carry an additional fee.

Occupancy and Use

At all times, only the student shall occupy the assigned space. Under no circumstances may a student swap assignments without prior approval; nor may students exchange keys with another student, sublet their room, or provide regular housing to any other person(s).

The College reserves the right to assign any vacant space at any time, and is not obligated to inform roommates or suitemates of changes. Any student with a vacancy in their room must keep the space open and ready for assignment at any time. The College has the right to move any such possessions that may be blocking a new student's assigned space. Residents who fail to keep a vacant space free of their possessions will be subject to conduct action and will be charged for any costs involved in having these items moved. If the roommates/suitemates discourage or fail to accept the occupancy by an assigned student, they will be subject to conduct action that may include relocation, fines, additional rent, and/or termination of their assignment.

Meal Plans

All Barnard students are required to participate in a Barnard meal plan. All First Year Students residing in Barnard housing are required to enroll in the Platinum Meal Plan. Upperclass students residing in floors 2-8 of the Quad (Brooks, Hewitt, Reid, Sulzberger) are required, at minimum, to enroll in the Quad Upperclass Meal Plan. All other upperclass students, whether living in campus housing or commuting, are required to enroll at minimum in the Convenience Meal Plan. Students may choose to upgrade their meal plan, should they wish, to a more comprehensive meal plan than the one required by their class year and/or residence location. Meal plan enrollment / change forms are available from the Bursar (barnard.edu/bursar). Any meals remaining on any meal plan at the end of the fall semester are forfeited. Any meal plan points remaining at the end of the fall semester may be carried over to the spring semester providing the student remains enrolled in a Barnard meal plan during the spring semester. Any meals or meal plan points remaining at the end of the spring semester are forfeited. Students are liable for the cost of the meal plan. There are no exemptions to participation in a required meal plan.

Assignments and Room Change Requests

Any of the occupants, furnishings, features, and configuration of the room/suite and/or a student's room assignment shall be made and may be changed by the College at any time, at its sole discretion. The College reserves the right to reassign or consolidate rooms in the interest of order, safety, health, discipline, disaster, best use of facilities for the good of the College, or for unresolvable incompatibility of roommates. Barnard College will not discriminate in room assignments or changes on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, religious practices, sexual orientation, gender identity, socioeconomic status, dietary preferences, physical abilities, and/or age. Any occurrences of verbal or physical intimidation or creating an atmosphere of discomfort for a new resident will not be tolerated and may lead to conduct action.

Students who receive a room change to a differently priced room will be charged or credited for the increase or decrease in room rate on a prorated basis.

Columbia students in residence at Barnard are guided by the room change policies and procedures of Columbia University. Barnard students in residence at Columbia are guided by the policies and procedures of Barnard College.

Disability Housing Requests

Students with diagnosed disabilities who may need some form of disability-related housing consideration (e.g. accessible housing, access to a private bath or kitchen, strobe alarm) must register with the Office of Disability Services (ODS) and submit a request for a disability housing accommodation following the published deadlines. Students should consult with ODS staff if needs arise beyond the published deadline or to review their needs and the accommodation request process. It is the student's responsibility to submit the necessary paperwork for each Housing request period. Previous accommodations are not automatically extended without submitting an updated request form and relevant ODS follow up for the upcoming academic year, summer, and/or interim housing period.

Access to Student Room and Suite Spaces

The College reserves the right to enter, repair, inventory, inspect, or search (without prior consent and in appropriate situations) any student space at any time. This includes RL&H staff, Public Safety, Facilities, and any other College employee or contractor who has a legitimate need to enter the space. Students cannot refuse access to a College employee or contractor who is in the process of performing the responsibilities of their position and such refusal may lead to conduct action.

Condition of Premises

By taking occupancy of the space, the student accepts its condition "as is" at such time and assumes responsibility to maintain the space (and any common areas in which the assigned space is located) in a clean, safe, and undamaged condition at all times. Students are expected to review & sign the Room Condition Report Form (RCR) to confirm the condition of their room upon arrival.

Common areas (e.g. suite or floor kitchens, bathrooms, lounges) are the responsibility of all members in that area, and all residents assigned to that area are jointly responsible for cleaning and maintaining them. When vacating the assigned space, all residents must remove all personal property and leave the room, any common areas, and any furnishings clean and in the same condition they were in when occupancy commenced. Any personal property left in the room or the common areas will be promptly removed and discarded at the expense of the resident(s).

Damages and Expenses

All students are expected to follow established procedures for check-in and check-out of their room assignment. Failure to properly check-in in a timely fashion will result in loss of the room assignment, and failure to vacate by the day/ time published will minimally result in a fine for improper check-out and/or removal of personal belongings.

In addition, the student shall reimburse the College upon request for all damages or expenses which the College may suffer or incur for repair or excessive cleaning of any residence hall, or for repair or replacement of College provided furniture and/or equipment (including smoke detectors), caused by the misconduct or neglect of the student or of their guests.

Residents are required to report any room concerns to Facilities for immediate repair. Failure to do so leaves the resident responsible for the repair and/or replacement cost. Any damages or expenses incurred in a room or facility within the residence halls will be charged equally to all residents of that room/suite or users of that facility unless the responsible person or persons assume specific liability.

Charges are assessed by RL&H staff and will be billed to the student's Bursar account. Failure to pay such charges may be cause for refusal to permit registration or for such other action as may be determined appropriate by the College until sums owed are paid in full. The policy regarding the referral of delinquent accounts for collection also applies to damages and expenses. Any appeal of said charges must be submitted in writing by the student within 30 days of the charge being posted to the student's account. A detailed list of damage charges is available at barnard.edu/reslife/policies/damage-charges.

Housing Cancellations and Related Fees

To request a release from the financial obligation of the 2018-2019 Housing Contract, a student must submit a Housing Cancellation form. Failure to occupy an assigned space does not constitute cancellation of the Housing Contract.

Students who fail to check in or occupy their assigned space on an ongoing basis may forfeit their room assignment but will still be liable for the full financial obligation until such time that the Housing Cancellation form has been received by the Residential Life & Housing office and the student has properly checked out from and/or vacated the residence halls.

The College may cancel the Housing Contract (and the student will be liable for cancellation charges) should a student:

  • Cease to be a full-time registered student at Barnard or Columbia due to voluntary or required withdrawal or fail to register by the first Friday of the Fall and/or Spring semester;
  • Fail to occupy an assigned space on a regular substantially full-time basis;
  • Fail to vacate an assigned space after a withdrawal has been processed;
  • Violate any other term of the housing contract or cease to be eligible for housing.

Students on the Guaranteed Assignment List awaiting a room assignment are subject to all the same deadlines and cancellation fee schedules as students with a room assignment.

Residents who cancel housing for the Spring semester must properly check out from and vacate their residence hall by the end of the Fall housing period (9am on Friday, December 21, 2018).

Cancellation deadlines, cancellation fees, and prorated refund schedules are available at barnard.edu/reslife/policies/housing/cancellations.

Responsibilities of Staff; Reserved Rights of the College

The College has delegated to RL&H the responsibility for establishing and enforcing regulations governing conduct of students within the residence halls. RL&H staff may consult with other College administrators in carrying out this responsibility.

At the discretion of and in consultation with the RL&H staff, Executive Director, and/or the designate, a student may be subject to certain conditions for continuing residence. This includes (but not limited to) a change in room assignments or dismissal from College housing for disruptive behavior including (but not limited to) behavior such that a student cannot adequately take care of their own health and safety in the context of College housing or is a danger to the health and safety of others and/or the community.

The College reserves the right to enter and inspect any room when, at the discretion of staff members, it is deemed necessary for the security and/or maintenance of the residence or for the safety and/or discipline of the residents. This includes specifically (but not limited to) the right to inspect/enter rooms to ensure compliance with rules concerning use of rooms, preservation of clean and sanitary conditions, fire prevention, compliance with local, state/federal laws, in preparation for upcoming renovation work, or health and safety reasons.

The College reserves the right at any time to terminate, establish, or amend any terms, conditions, policies, and procedures concerning the matters covered herein without prior notice.