First Year Focus Move-In Newsletter (2018)

Welcome to the First Year Focus

Congratulations on your decision to attend Barnard College! We would like to welcome you to our First-Year Focus program. The First Year Focus (FYF) Program at Barnard is an extended orientation program that continues throughout your first year, co-sponsored by Residential Life & Housing and the Dean of Studies Office.

It combines academic and co-curricular activities to (1) assist first-year students in making a successful academic and social transition to college life; (2) to offer a wide variety of programs that introduce first-year students to the College, Columbia University, and New York City; (3) to facilitate communication that allows students from diverse backgrounds to share experiences and learn from one another.

We hope to make your transition to college life and your time at Barnard as enjoyable as possible!

-- Joelle Tolifero, Associate Director for the Quad

Preparing for Move-In Webinar Video

Earlier this summer Joelle Tolifero (Associate Director for the Quad) and Josh Alexander (Senior Associate Director) hosted a webinar about preparing for move-in to campus. You can watch the archived video below.


Your Room Assignment & Roommate(s)

Students will be able to see their room & roommate(s) assignments starting Saturday, August 4, 2018, on the Housing Portal (click my.HOUSING).

For information about getting along with your roommate(s), check out

Note: the First Year Focus residence halls are full and unfortunately it is not possible to request any room changes. Later in the semester, students may look for Room Swaps.

Room & roommate assignments are subject to change both prior to and during the academic year as necessary. For example, in the event that a student's assigned roommate(s) vacate, the College reserves the right to either move the student to a different space and/or assign new roommate(s) in the interest of consolidation and ensuring rooms are fully occupied.

Move-In Information

First Year students will move into the residence halls & start the New Student Orientation Program (NSOP) on Sunday, August 26, 2018. Some international students who fit into specific categories may be invited to participate in a special pre-Orientation Program by the Office of International & Intercultural Student Programs.

Students will check-in at the lobby of the Diana Center (regardless of which residence hall you are assigned to). Students will be directed to the check-in location from the Main Gate of campus.

Students should arrive to check-in based on the floor of their room assignment. As 600+ students will be moving in on the same day, we ask that students and families abide by the move-in times provided below. We are unable to accommodate any requests to move-in or drop off items in rooms earlier than the FYF Move-In day.

Floor Check In Time on Sunday, August 26, 2018
Floors 7 & 8 Arrive between 8am and 9am
Floors 5 & 6 Arrive between 9am and 10am
Floors 3 & 4 Arrive between 10am and 11am
Floor 2 Arrive between 11am and 12noon

The Broadway southbound traffic lane closest to the main gate (117th & Broadway) will be blocked to regular traffic for move-in day. Cars will be permitted to unload on Broadway during move-in but are not allowed to park on Broadway. You may be asked to wait in your car before unloading, so please be patient. If you are arriving by taxi, direct the driver to the front of the line (at 117th & Broadway) where representatives from the New Student Orientation Program (NSOP) will be available to assist you.

Please do not leave your car double parked without someone in it. Unattended and/or double parked cars block others from accessing the buildings and may be ticketed or towed by NYPD. For a list of parking garages and rates, please visit

Step 1
Please pull up your car to the areas marked below depending on your room assignment.
  • Sulzberger residents will unload along the southbound side of Broadway north of the Main Gate or along 120th St.
  • Reid (and Brooks 8th Floor) residents will unload along the soundbound side of Broadway south of the Gate or along 116th St.
  • Brooks 3-7th Floor residents will unload along Claremont Ave.
Step 2
You will unload your belongings into an empty numbered box outlined on the sidewalk. Barnard staff will assist you with finding an empty box. Please make sure you have someone stay with your belongings while the student goes to the Diana Center to check-in.
Step 3
The student will be directed to the lobby of the Diana Center to check-in for Housing & Orientation. Make sure someone stays with your belongings!
Step 4
After getting your room key, you'll stop by the NSOP table in front of Barnard Hall. You will tell them which numbered sidewalk box your belongings are in. This will put you in the queue for an Orientation Leader to come help you move in.
Step 5
An Orientation Leader will bring a moving cart to your numbered box to help you load your belongings into the cart and move them to your room.

Students are encouraged to bring hand trucks, dollys, etc. if you have them to help your move-in (as the number of moving carts available from the Orientation Leaders will be limited).

Step 6
Start your Orientation Week! Information about and schedules for the New Student Orientation Program (NSOP) will be available at

There wll be a few activities for families in early afternoon; afterwards they may leave campus.

If you have questions about Orientation, please contact


Additional Information

For additional questions, check out New Students or the ResLife A-Z.