Room Rates (2018-2019)

Room Type Academic Year Cost (Per Semester)
Standard Room Rate $10,435 $5217.50
Studio Single (601 W 110th St) $17,000 $8,500

See Also: Meal Plan Requirements

All rooms in Barnard campus housing, with the exception of Studio Singles at 110th St, are charged at the same rate.

The College establishes room charges for the academic year. Tuition, room, board and all other fees are payable semiannually in advance, one-half by August 1 and one-half by December 1; failure to make full payment for the Fall and/or Spring semester by those dates will result in forfeiture of existing assigned space. Students continue to be responsible for room fees unless and until the housing assignment is canceled and/or vacated as specified below. In all events, no student will be allowed to occupy an assigned room until all College fees are paid in the time and manner established by the College.

Failure to pay outstanding balances as required may be cause for dismissal from College housing or for such other action as may be determined appropriate by the College. The College may refer delinquent accounts to credit bureaus and a collection agency. Students agree to reimburse the College the fees of any collection agency, which may be based on a percentage at a maximum of 33.33% of the debt, and all costs and expenses including reasonable attorney fees we incur in such collection efforts. This policy applies to all charges assessed by the College. The College will not provide any transcripts, diplomas or certification of degree until all outstanding balances have been resolved in full.

Only students graduating mid-year or studying abroad in an approved program for the Spring may cancel their housing contracts for the Spring semester without cancellation charges.

Barnard students living in Columbia residence halls through the Barnard/Columbia Housing Exchange will be billed following the Barnard room rates. Columbia students living in Barnard residence halls will be billed by and for rates set by Columbia University Undergraduate Housing.