After Room Selection


    Cancelling your Housing Contract

    Signing a contract for housing is an academic year-long commitment.

    If you pick or receive a room assignment (or sign up for the Guaranteed List) and then...

    • get into a study abroad program for the Fall
    • decide to move off-campus
    • transfer to another school
    • take a leave of absence from the College, etc.

    ... you need to submit the Housing Cancellation Form to cancel your Housing Contact.

    (If a senior picks with their group during the Columbia Suite Lottery, any backup room they picked at Barnard will be automatically cancelled)

    Housing Cancellation Request forms must be received by May 13, 2019 to avoid a cancellation fee.

    For the full 2019-2020 Cancellation Policies and cancellation fee calendar, please visit

    If you are thinking about living off-campus, we strongly encourage you to discuss your individual circumstances with the Financial Aid office before finalizing your decision, as changing to commuter status may affect the amount of financial aid you may be eligible for and/or receive.

    Students who move off-campus or take a leave of absence will not have a guarantee of campus housing for the future (and would need to apply for housing).

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    Room Change Requests

    All selections at Room Selection are FINAL.  After a student picks a room or suite, room changes (including within a suite) are not be available until the time periods covered below.

    Students may request 1-for-1 Summer Room Swaps over the summer and/or sign up for the Studio Single Wait List.

    Rising-Seniors only may request room changes over the summer. Rising-Juniors & Sophomores may apply for the Fall Room Change Request Process.

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    Summer Housing 2019

    Info about Summer Housing should be available at by the beginning of April.

    The residence halls that will be used for Summer 2019 will be announced later this semester. There are usually both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned rooms available; however, the number of rooms with AC is typically limited. Please note that students in non-AC residence halls may not use window or portable AC units.

    While students may request to live in the same room for the Summer that they are assigned to for the current semester or upcoming Fall, it is not guaranteed. Additionally, any student who lives in the same suite for the Summer as for the Spring and/or Fall will NOT be allowed to remain in the room / suite should they stay for May and/or August Interim (they would be required to relocate with their belongings to an interim room assignment to facilitate cleaning of the suite & residence hall).

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    Winter Break 2019-2020

    Barnard's residence halls will close for Winter Break at 9am on Friday, December 20, 2019, and reopen at 9am on Saturday, January 18, 2020.

    Students may not remain in the residence halls after the closing deadline. There are no extensions.

    Students may apply for Early Winter Return, to return to housing starting 9am on Sunday, January 12, 2019 (i.e. prior to the official January 18 reopening of the residence halls for the Spring).

    With few exceptions, students may not be in campus housing prior to the Early Winter Return date (i.e. between December 20 - January 18). Plimpton Hall is the only residence hall that will be open for the limited number of students approved for Winter Break Housing.

    Information about applying for Early Winter Return (and the limited exceptions for Winter Break Housing) will be made available to students during the Fall 2019 semester.

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