Available Rooms


Live Update of Available Spaces

To see a list of suites / rooms available for the 4, 5, 6, and 1/2/3 Lotteries, please visit the Google Sheet linked below. The tabs will automatically update every 5 minutes to show which spaces are still available.

Google Sheet of Available Rooms

To view the link above, you MUST be logged into your gBear account.  If you are logged into a personal GMail account, you will NOT be able to access the link above.

You can also see a spreadsheet of all the Lottery Time Slots (must be logged in with your gBear account to view).


Info & Floorplans for Each Residence Hall

Building Floorplan Info
600 W 116th St 600 Floorplan 600 Info
616 W 116th St 616 Floorplan 616 Info
620 W 116th St 620 Floorplan 620 Info
601 W 110th St 110 Floorplan 110 Info
Cathedral Gardens CG Floorplan CG Info
Elliott Hall ELL Floorplan ELL Info
Hewitt Hall HH Floorplan HH Info
Plimpton Hall PLM Floorplan PLM Info
Sulz Tower SUT Floorplan SUT Info