Housing Lottery Walkthrough

The following is a walkthrough with photos to explain how students select rooms during their appointment times at the Housing Lottery.  Please note that students may not take part in the Housing Lottery unless they register for Room Selection before the deadline.

Step 1: Come to the Brooks TV Lounge

The Housing Lottery takes place on the 1st floor of Brooks Hall (go left in the lobby and enter through the TV Lounge).

Please plan to arrive no more than 5-10 minutes before your Appointment Time.

Bring your Student ID to show to the Front Desk of Brooks when you enter.


Step 2: Pick Up a Housing Contract

When you enter the room, please make sure you pick up a blank Housing Contract to start filling out before your Lottery Number is called.  Bring a PEN with you (no pencils)!


Step 3: Waiting for Your Appointment Time

There is not a lot of room in the waiting area, so we encourage you not to bring a lot of stuff with you -- but do BRING A PEN, so you can sign your Housing Contract!


Step 4: Check Out What is Still Available to Select

A TV screen in the Lounge will show which rooms / suites are still available to select in each residence hall. This information is also available on the Available Rooms webpage (viewable on your phone or tablet), which updates as room are selected.

The TV Screen will also display the current Lottery Number that has been called.


Step 5: Listening for Your Lottery Number to be Called

When you hear your Lottery Number called, you will pass through the connecting door to the Lewis Parlor.


Step 6: Check In with the Number Caller

You will proceed to the first table to check in with the Staff member calling Lottery Numbers.


Step 7: Start Here


Step 8: We'll Check Your Paperwork

The Number Caller will check to make sure that you have filled out a Housing Contract.

If you are in a group, the Number Caller will make sure that all members of the group are present (or are represented by a Proxy Form).


Step 9: Proceed to a Selection Station

The Number Caller will send you to the next available Selection Station (one of three identical stations).


Step 10: Reviewing the Available Spaces

A Staff member will help you to select a space from the list of Available Rooms.

You will be able to see all the available spaces to choose from on a computer monitor facing you.


Step 11: Reviewing the Available Spaces

Please note that while you are reviewing the spaces at your station, there may be students at the other two Selection Stations selecting at the same time.

We encourage you to have a ranked list of preferences in mind. If you take a long time to make your final decision, the spaces you are deciding among could be selected by other individuals or groups.


Step 12: Finalizing Your Selection

Once you (and/or your group) have finalized your selection, the Staff member will assign you to the room or suite.

If picking into a suite or block of rooms, you and your group will need to assign yourselves to the rooms within the suite (TIP: your group should talk with each other in advance to decide who will live with who!).

The earliest opportunity to request a room change will be the Fall Room Change Request process (note: rising-Seniors only may request room changes over the summer).


Step 13: Sign & Turn In Your Housing Contract

Before you leave the Lewis Parlor, please make sure that you sign & turn in your Housing Contract! Otherwise, you may lose your room!

If you send a Proxy to pick in your place, you will need to come to the Residential Life & Housing office (110 Sulzberger) next week to sign a Housing Contract (before Friday, April 7, 2017).