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  • Only student organizations recognized by Barnard and Columbia governing boards may post fliers.
  • All fliers and posters (maximum paper size - 11in. x 17in.) can only be posted on designated bulletin boards around campus.
  • Designated bulletin boards will include a Barnard sign indicating the space as a posting area. Posting in bathroom stalls, elevators, doors, door frames, hallways, and stairwells is prohibited.  
  • Blue painter’s tape is the only type of tape and/or adhesive that may be used to post fliers.
  • Want to do more to advertise your event? Fill out a Social Media Advertising Request form to have your events posted on Student Life’s Facebook or Instagram page: Social Media Advertising Request Form


  • Student groups must receive advisor approval at least one week prior to chalking.
  • Chalking may be used to advertise events happening at Barnard. 
  • Chalking can occur only on sidewalks along Lehman walk and in front of the Diana Center and Altschul Hall or on sidewalk/slate in the uncovered portion of the Quad.
  • Student groups must email their advisor with the following information:
    • Name of group and contact information.
    • Event Details: Name, Date, Time, Location.
    • Planned Location and Dates of chalking (maximum three days)>
  • Need chalk? Drop by the Student Life office (301 Diana) to rent a large chalk box!


  • Student groups must request banner space from Student Life at least 1 week prior to event.
  • Banners are posted on a first come, first serve basis.
  • All banners  must be reviewed by a Club advisor to ensure that all necessary event and contact information is included.
  • Banner Information:
    • The front of the banner must include: the name of the event, event date, event location, sponsoring student club(s), and contact information (email, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
    • The back of the banner must include: the name of the organization, banner coordinator contact information, club advisor, and affiliated governing board.
  • Bring completed banner to Student Life by Thursday at Noon for review. You will be notified shortly after if your banner will be posted on Monday or if changes are necessary.
  • If changes are needed, final banner must be submitted by Friday at Noon.

For the complete Barnard Posting Policy, please visit: