Alumnae and Donor Sponsored Internship Grant Program

Mission Statement:  The mission of the Barnard College Alumnae and Donor Sponsored Internship Grant Program is to provide funding alternatives for exceptional students from Barnard’s diverse student population to facilitate internship opportunities that advance students’ career exploration through meaningful exposures to career fields of interest.

Overview:  The Barnard College Alumnae and Donor Sponsored Internship Grant Program is the successful collaboration of Student Employment Services and alumnae, individual, and foundation donors interested in the career development of college women.  Students involved in unpaid internships are eligible for Alumnae and Donor Sponsored Internship Grants in the fall, spring, and summer.  Some grants are open only to students pursuing internships in specific fields (i.e., public service, science, or the arts); others are more general in scope regardless of the applicant’s career interest or major.  Students apply in general to the program and will be considered for all grants for which they meet the eligibility requirements.  Grantees will receive an internship grant award of up to $800 in the fall and spring semesters, and up to $2000 for summer internships.  College-subsidized summer housing may be available to summer internship grantees. Grantees may only receive one grant per semester or summer period.

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Eligibility and Application Process

Selection Criteria, Grantee Requirements and Supervisor Responsibilities

College-Subsidized Summer Housing

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