Committee on Policy

The Committee on Policy explores all policy related issues on campus, as well as issues of gender-based discrimination and harassment, including sexual assault and all other forms of gender-based misconduct. The Committee documents all proposed amendments between years of constitutional review. Notes from meetings and details about amendments shall be documented in the VP Policy’s transition documents.

Contact: Mia Lindheimer, Vice President for Policy | | Committee Facebook Page


Campus Life Committee

The Campus Life Committee plans Desserts After Dark, SGA Day, SGA Brunch, and a Student Leadership Dinner, per academic year. The Committee will also coordinate with the Columbia College Student Council, Engineering Student Council, and General Studies Student Council to organize university-wide events such as Basketball Mania, Homecoming Fair, and Glass House Rocks.

Contact: Hannah Stanhill, Vice President for  Student Life | | Committee Facebook Page


Finance Committee

The Finance Committee's two main functions are to represent Barnard student's financial interests and to allocate Student Government Association (SGA) funding, which is derived from Student Activities Fee. 

Members of the Finance Committee shall attend meetings of JCCC, the Capital Investment Fund, the Presidents and Provost Fund, and any other funds initiated by the undergraduate councils. The committee also allocates externally to Columbia University Governing Boards and thus to undergraduate student groups at Funding at Columbia University (F@CU) with the three other undergraduate student councils. 

The committee allocates internally to SGA, Class Councils, and specific Barnard organizations including McAC, Bulletin, and Skip Stop. The Finance Committee shall see that the selected SGA Endowment projects in the fall semester are completed in conjunction with the Chief Operating Officer of Barnard College. The committee monitors and manages the appropriate use of the allocated funds through monthly reconciliation forms and facilitates the transfer of funds. The Finance Committee shall meet regularly with the Chief Operating Officer of Barnard College to address financial concerns of students.

Contact: Rachel Nordlicht, Vice President for Finance |


Committee on Public Relations

The Committee on Public Relations manages all strategic communications. The committee handles the publicity of SGA events and builds up public relations through flyering, email, social media, and any modes of communication deemed fit. The committee also updates the SGA website and manages all SGA communication with the press. The committee organizes and maintains all archival materials and transition documents. It also plans and executes Town Halls, Fireside Chats and any other events centered around communication at Barnard. 

Contact: Kim Samala, Vice President for Communications |


Constitutional Review Committee 

The Constitutional Review Committee revises the SGA constitution once every three years. This committee is in charge of identifying what works well and what does not work within SGA, areas that are lacking representation, and process improvements for the future. Periodically, the Committee will submit constitutional amendments to the Representative Council for approval, and the student body will vote on proposed changes during the spring elections season. The Constitutional Review Committee is comprised of two members of the Representative Council, two members of the SGA committee system, and two students who are neither members of Representative Council nor other committees. 

Contact: Mia Lindheimer, Vice President for Policy |


Sustainable Initiatives Consulting Board

The Sustainable Initiatives Consulting Board (SICB) is composed of appointed students actively researching and assessing campus sustainability in order to maintain and/or improve the social commitments of the College. It works with students and administrators in developing policies and building infrastructure to increase campus sustainability, from waste reduction, energy consumption, and water conservation. The Representative for Sustainable Initiatives will also work with the SGA Finance Committee and the SGA Green Fund. 

Contact: Caroline Cutlip, Sustainable Initiatives Representative | | SICB Facebook Page


Student Academic Advisory Committee

The Academic Advisory Committee addresses student's needs and concerns as they relate to academic policy on campus. The Academic Advisory Committee will work closely with related concerns that tie directly to the faculty, the Deans, The Provost, and the Registrar.

Contact: Solace Mensah-Narh, Academic Affairs Representative | | Committee Facebook Page


Committee on Inclusion and Equity

The Committee on Inclusion and Equity works to promote open discussion, foster community dialogues, support and develop policies, programs, and practices that engage the community in building an inclusive campus climate. Students on this committee survey several areas of Barnard College, in particular, the student body, faculty, and administration, and present thoughtful and practical approaches to improving the dynamics of inclusion and equity in all facets of the College. The committee addresses issues of identity, surrounding, but not limited to, sexual orientation, ethnicity, culture, religion, gender, socioeconomic class, education, citizenship, and ability. The committee creates forums in which students can participate in meaningful and evocative discussions surrounding the above issues.

Contact: Tirzah Anderson, Inclusion and Equity Representative | | Committee Facebook Page


Campus Affairs Committee

The Campus Affairs Committee addresses issues related to Residential Life, Career Development, Barnard College Alumnae Relations, and Public Safety. The committee meets regularly in order to discuss concerns of the following offices and how to approach them. The Campus Affairs Committee is spearheaded by the SGA Representative for Campus Affairs, who meets with these offices regularly to voice concerns and create dialogue around campus issues.

Contact: Chelsea Sinclair, Campus Affairs Representative | | Committee Facebook Page


Food Advisory Board

The Food Advisory Board holds food-related events on campus and serves as a liaison between the student body and the Office of Dining Services by addressing food-related matters that involve on-campus dining options.

Contact: Yeliz Sezgin, Food and Dining Service Representative | | Board Facebook Page


Student Health Advisory Committee

The Health Advisory Committee addresses issues with Primary Health Care, Furman Counseling, the Office of Disability Services and Well Woman. The Health Advisory Committee is spearheaded by the Representative for Health Services.

Contact: Ava Adler, Health Services Representative | | Committee Facebook Page


Committee on Arts and Culture

The Committee on Arts and Culture ensures that student artists and cultural groups are recognized and valued on campus. The Committee also seeks to incorporate art and culture into the lives of Barnard students. They work with art-focused student groups, the Administration and the Board of Trustees. They will display student artwork in residence halls and buildings on campus through mural projects and exhibitions throughout the academic year. Additionally, the Committee publicizes art events and programs taking place around campus and in the New York City area.

Contact: Phanesia Pharel, Arts and Culture Representative | | Committee Facebook Page


Seven Sisters Committee

The Seven Sisters Committee is spearheaded by the Representative for Seven Sisters. This committee is responsible for organizing Barnard's participation in the annual Seven Sisters conference, hosted by a different Seven Sister College every fall semester. The committee is also responsible for coming up with creative ways to work with the other institutions and alumnae to increase the ties between the Seven Sister colleges.

Contact: Idris O'Neil, Seven Sisters Representative | | Committee Facebook Page | Committee Instagram


Transfer, International, and Commuter Students Interests Committee

The Transfer, International, and Commuter Student Interests Committee shall explore the interests of Transfer, International and Commuter students in each class. TICSI functions to advocate for student voices on campus and to provide opportunities for community building.

Contact: Hannah Yoo, Senior Class VP | ; Celine Zhu, Junior Class VP | ; Norah Hassan, Sophmore Class VP | | Committee Facebook Page


Committee on Instruction

The Committee on Instruction (COI) is, “The College’s principal formulator of educational policy.” The committee is chaired by Patricia Denison, the Associate Provost. In addition to the chair, the committee consists of two faculty members from each of the four faculty voting groups, The Dean of the College, the Dean of Students, and the Registrar. The Dean of Library and Information Services and a representative from Development also attend. Four students sit on the COI at any one time -- the Academic Affairs Representative, who is elected by the members of SGA for a one year term, and three appointed students, who serve two-year terms.

Contact: Solace Mensah-Narh, Academic Affairs Representative |


Barnard Library Academic Information Services Committee

The Barnard Library and Academic Information Services committee is involved in discussing and planning events related to the Library, academic computing, and information technology at Barnard College. The committee provides support with navigating courseworks, the class registration process and course-related issues.  The committee meets three times each semester (in October, November, and December during the Fall Semester, and in February, March, and April during the Spring Semester). 

The committee is comprised of the Chair, the Dean of Library and Academic Information Services, and one faculty member from each of the four faculty voting groups, in addition to two faculty members “at-large.” Four students sit on BLAIS -- the Representative to the Engineering Student Council, who is elected by the members of SGA, and three appointed students, who serve one-year terms.

Contact: Yasmine Kaya, Information and Technology Representative | | Committee Facebook Page


Senior Class Council

The Senior Class Council is led by the Senior Class President, which meets on a weekly basis. The responsibilities of the Council entail organizing senior class events, planning the Senior Class Dinner with Alumnae Affairs, planning the Senior Toast, fundraising for the class, organizing events with our peer institutions of Columbia, organizing Lerner Pub, assisting with the organization of the Winter Gala and Senior Week, collaborating with Career Development and the Dean of Studies, assisting with the distribution of class apparel, and organizing the Blood Drive.

Contact: Rhea Nagpal, Senior Class President | 


Junior Class Council

The council organizes Junior Class events to raise class spirit and participation, including Junior Class Dinner, fundraising activities to raise money and class spirit, along with events in collaboration with Columbia College, The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and the School of General Studies. The council reaches out to Juniors studying abroad, organizes one blood drive with the Office of Disability Services, and plans a Student Career/Networking Dinner. The council e-mails updates to the Junior Class.

Contact: Gabi Garcia, Junior Class President |


Sophomore Class Council

The Sophomore Class Council acts as the representatives to the Barnard sophomore class. It updates the class through email and organizes class events. The Class President leads the Sophomore Council in study breaks and other activities to raise class spirit and participation, including the Sophomore Class Dinner, the Sophomore Class Major Toast, a welcoming event in the fall and the Study Abroad High Tea Send Off in the spring. It also throws fundraising activities to raise money and class spirit. It holds events collaboration with other Columbia undergraduate schools, and a blood drive with the Office of Disabilities.

Contact: Tina Gao, Sophomore Class President |


First-Year Class Council

The First Year Class Council acts as the representatives to the Barnard first year class. The responsibilities of the council include planning events and sending out regular emails in order to update students about upcoming events and available resources for first years. The Council meets weekly in order to plan for events such as the First Year Class Dinner, study breaks and other activities, fundraising events, and the Winter semi-formal with all four undergraduate colleges. The First Year Class Council is led by the First Year Class President and Vice President. This committee is led by the First-Year President, elected in early Fall.

Contact: TBA