MAC Capture Information

When you see this page every time you try to connect your computer to the internet, your computer (or wireless router) may have been MAC captured.

When you are MAC captured, either for copyright infringement or because your computer is compromised, your MAC address has been identified and is blocked from accessing the network. You will not be able to connect with the captured MAC address(es) (Ethernet, wireless, or both) until you are removed from the MAC Captured list.

You must contact Student Computing to determine why you have been captured. If you are captured for a copyright violation, you have violated the network and fair use policies and Student Computing will inform you as to what you need to do to be allowed back on the network. If you are captured for being compromised, you will have to reformat your computer.

You can be MAC captured for being compromised by having a virus on your computer that is being transmitted to other computers or for sending excessive spam. To avoid being MAC captured for being compromised, be sure to keep your computer secure. Protect your computer with the free antivirus and antispyware software that we provide for you. Make sure that you know how to spot viruses, spyware and scams. Most importantly, never send your password or other personal information in an email. Barnard will never ask for you to email confidential information. Responding to any scam emails can result in the spammer using your computer to send out mass emails, and your computer being captured.