Printing Resources

Color Printing

Color Printing is now available in the Diana Center Computer Lab in room 307. Please note that you will be able to use your print quota for color printing at $1 per sheet (2 pages double sided).  


Barnard students do not have access to free photocopiers. Alternatively you can use scanning stations located in any of the available computer labs on campus (Diana, 616, Sulz Quad Labs, & Plimpton) to create a document to print and create black-and-white copies.

Checking Print Quota

You can check how much weekly and semesterly quota remains by going to the Paw Print Center here.

Double-Sided Printing

On Dell lab computers, printing double-sided is the default setting for Paw Print. If you need to print a document single-sided please do so by choosing it within the printing settings.

On Mac lab computers, select the desired printer from the Printer menu. In the Presets menu, select either Double Sided or Single Sided.