Academic Computing Expert Job Description

Do you like helping others? Do you enjoy working with computers?

Enhance your computer skills and technical knowledge--Become an ACE!

Academic Computing Experts (ACEs) are trained to help students configure their computers for the Barnard network and troubleshoot computer problems. They also provide software, network, and printer support for students in computer labs on campus.

**Please Note: Students who are hired must attend training sessions twice in the academic year at Barnard. Every year, training starts a week before the official start of the Spring semester and two weeks before the official start of the Fall semester.**

The Ideal ACE Candidate

  • Has at least basic familiarity with computers and a willingness to learn during training
  • Takes initiative and uses all available resources
  • Is timely, responsible, dedicated and eager to learn
  • Has good interpersonal skills
  • Works well independently and in group situations

ACE Benefits

  • A competitive hourly rate
  • Substantial opportunities for wage increases
  • Extensive computer training
  • Excellent skills for your resume

Job Requirements

  • Candidate must attend Barnard full-time as a first-year, sophomore, or junior (can only apply in the fall semester of her junior year)
  • Fall ACE Training is Mandatory and is 2 weeks before the beginning of the semester, in August, every year. ACEs also work during NSOP Week if necessary.
  • Spring ACE Training is also Mandatory and occurs the week prior to the start of the semester. It is given on an "as needed" basis determined by the Associate Director.
  • Must maintain satisfactory level of work ethic and performance. Training evaluations, in-semester evaluations, and work performance will be factored into rehiring, promotion, and termination decisions.
  • Work 5 to 10 hours a week
  • Attend staff meetings when necessary

Note that the application requires two references and one recommendation letter, so you should know your references before filling out the application. References should be previous employers, not family or friends. If you have limited experience, you may use a former teacher as a reference.

You will be contacted shortly after you apply regarding interviews. For more information, email

Apply to be an ACE