Club Finances

Club Finances

Please send an email to for any finance-related questions.


Monthly Budget Forms

Every GBB-recognized club that holds financial accounts at Barnard are required to update monthly reconciliation forms each month. The individual spreadsheets are to be updated by the first of each month and all receipts should be submitted to Maria Pasquali by the seventh of each month (for spending from the previous month), regardless if clubs have spent no money for that month. Clubs who do not update the spreadsheet and submit receipts by the deadline will have their accounts frozen until everything is completed. If you have questions regarding your individual spreadsheets, please contact


Spending Allocation Money

There are three ways for clubs to spend allocation money:

1. Petty Cash

In case of an emergency only, Petty Cash of up to $50 can be obtained; see Maria Pasquali in the Student Life Office,  301 Diana.

2. Student Life Credit Card

Clubs can obtain the Student Life Credit Card to make purchases.  Note that the credit card can only be used in the Student Life Office, so all purchases must be online or over the phone.  Clubs should take into account shipping cost and time if they wish to use the card.  The card can be obtained from Maria Pasquali in the Student Life Office

3. Reimbursement

Students can spend money out of pocket and submit receipts to Maria Pasquali for reimbursement.  You will be reimbursed through the receipt of a check a few weeks after the request.  Note that you must give all your receipts to Maria Pasquali.  If you do not have your receipts you will not be reimbursed. Also, note that sales tax outside of New York State cannot be reimbursed.Please email with any questions or for further information.


GBB Budget Guidelines

The budget guidelines are intended to encourage the best possible use of GBB funds to promote GBB's mission of enhancing Barnard’s community, by providing needed spaces to nurture particular aspects of the community, by promoting efforts to reach out to those who may be enriched by engagement with these aspects, and by bringing together the community as a whole. Specifically, the guidelines are intended to promote fundraising and collaboration and to discourage excessive internal "gifts." If at any time a particular guideline becomes a hindrance to a club's efforts to pursue our shared mission, please consult the Vice Chair or Finance Chair. All guidelines are negotiable and feedback is invaluable and appreciated. These guidelines only impact the use of GBB-supervised funds, which are governed by the Barnard Controller.

Download the Budget Guidelines

Change in Club Executive Board

If your club has a change in executive board members, please fill out this form


Other Resources

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