RISE Storytelling Program

“Women’s leadership in the public sphere didn’t come from the White House or from CEOs. It came only after millions of women came together in small consciousness-raising groups to share stories of our “second sex” lives...In our bones we sense that this is no ordinary time. It is a time of deep change, not just of social structure and economy but also of ourselves.” - Grace Lee Boggs ‘35


Inspired by the legacy of activist Grace Lee Boggs '35, RISE allows emerging leaders to learn how to use storytelling basics to ignite others about social justice. This new 6-week program will focus on developing your skills as a leader and a storyteller to refine your passion and build community on campus.


Program Description

In this pilot year, students will join a cohort of their peers to workshop their own personal narratives related to identity and social justice. The curriculum will be informed by the work of Lee Anne Bell, former Barnard professor of education and author of Storytelling for Social Justice: Connecting Narrative and the Arts in Antiracist Teaching, and Marshall Ganz, a former organizer for the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee and the United Farm Workers. Students will be guided through an intensive process of personal reflection, writing, and providing feedback with their cohort as they engage in critical and thoughtful dialogue on social systems and building community through counternarratives.


Program Structure

Meetings are tentatively scheduled for Mondays from 5-7pm, starting on October 9th. RISE will meet weekly, except during Fall Break on November 6th. The program will conclude on Monday, November 20th.


Applications are due Friday, September 29th. To submit an application, please use this Google Form. For questions, please email Emy Cardoza at ecardoza@barnard.edu