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Faces of SGA

Rep Council Members 2016-2017

Kira is a Sophomore hailing from sunny Florida, who is a green tea lover, dancer, shopaholic, and makeup tutorial addict. In three words, she thinks of herself as dainty, classy and simple, although she will sometimes surprise people (and herself) and wear something edgier. When she is not busy with her position as Rep for Campus Affiars, she can often be found in her bed, which is indubitably her favorite place ever. If you see her around campus, say hi! 







Say hi to Jessica Reich, SGA's Junior Rep to the Board of Trustees! Jessica is a Junior studying Political Science with a soft spot for Justin Timberlake. Not only is she ridiculously good at taking pictures, but she's a fashion-loving world traveler too. Her self-described style is eclectic, going from super preppy to bright, bold prints to black, all while trying to get dressed in the morning. She loves reading fashion magazines and is an avid online shopper, so she draws from many muses. She has the most fun testing her boundaries within her dress-code framework from being an Orthodox Jew. If you see her around campus ask her about her plans to move to Israel or her trip to europe in a few weeks!







Rep Council Members 2015-2016

Name: Christine Pries    

Year: 2017

Major: Environmental Science

Describe yourself in three sentences: I’m just your average vegan environmentalist trying to make everyone around me vegan and an environmentalist. I love hiking, apple orchards, and star-filled nights…so I don’t know how I ended up at school in New York City…

Campus activities: SGA, Divest Barnard, intramural soccer … previously: Youth for Debate, EcoReps, CU Hiking Club

Favorite memory at Barnard: Freshman year when I discovered I could use a meal swipe for breakfast at the Diana and had the best French toast ever, with whipped cream and strawberries (pre-veganism). 

Favorite SGA memory: Hearing from speakers at Rep Council meetings, such as Provost Bell, who I may not otherwise have such an opportunity to hear from and who remind me all of the behind-the-scenes reasons why I love Barnard.

Why SGA: I care deeply about making sure that every aspect of Barnard keeps sustainability in mind.  

Three things you can’t live without: peanut butter, my dog Charlie, trees

Biggest peeve: when people aren’t on time

Favorite form of procrastination: sleeping

Worst/Best pick up line: please just don’t use “pick up lines”

Three things you want to do before you graduate: walk from campus down Manhattan to Battery Park and back up again overnight, see Barnard divest from fossil fuels, pass the two semesters of chemistry that I have to take

Hidden talent: writing passive aggressive emails

Alterego: Ross Geller

Favorite study spot: Lerner Piano Lounge (mysteriously renamed Main Lounge)

Best piece of advice for freshmen: Never stop seeking out meaningful ways to meet new people. Barnard students will never cease to inspire you.

Name: Michelle Depardieu

Year: 2016    

Major: Statistics 

Describe yourself in three sentences: I try to be kind to others around me, and I think that even the little things can go a long way (like holding the door open for the person behind you). I’m definitely a morning person, and I would rather wake up early to finish an assignment than stay up late. Also, I’m a horrible speler. 

Campus activities: SGA, Peer-to-Peer tutoring, SGA, ODS mentoring, SGA

Favorite memory at Barnard: When I walked through the front gates for the first time as an official Barnard student. My dad tried to drop me off at the back gates on 119th and Claremont, but I refused to get out of the car until he drove around to the front.

Favorite SGA memory: I have so many wonderful memories working with everyone on SGA that I can’t label just one as my “favorite.” But many of my top ones involve the SLC and a lot of laughter.

Why SGA: Because SGA advocates for students and develops leaders on campus! Plus we have free thermoses (COME PICK YOURS UP—email for distribution times)

Three things you can’t live without: Hand sanitizer, vegetables, and Trident “original flavor” gum (the dark blue package)

Biggest peeve: Mess

Describe yourself in ten words: (workaholic)*9 + laughs

Favorite form of procrastination: Other work (who has time to procrastinate?)

Three things you want to do before you graduate: I think I’m good.

Hidden talent: I’m a decent cook.

Alter ego: Kate Middleton post-William break-up (before they got back together)

Favorite study spot: New Jersey

Best piece of advice for freshmen: Don’t forget to take care of yourself—mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially. Staying up an extra hour to cram for that exam won’t help in the long run—go to bed! (And no, drinking a Naked juice on the way to class does not count as a well-balanced meal)

Name: Annika Reno

Spotlight Interview: Rep for Transfer, International, and Commuter Students 

Year: 2018

Major: Political Science and Human Rights 

Describe yourself in three sentences: “’Sometimes I’ll start a sentence and I don’t event know where it’s going. I just hope I find it along the way.’ –Michel Scott” –Annika Reno “Shoot that’s only two sentences.” –Annika Reno, again. 

Campus activities: Educator with Peer Health Exchange, Events Coordinator for Political Science Student Association, Member of Kappa Alpha Theta

Favorite memory at Barnard: Getting the chance to see and feel real student empowerment while protesting outside of the Board of Trustees meeting for divestment form fossil fuels with Divest Barnard 

Favorite SGA memory: “SGA day is on April 20th

Why SGA: All about empowering students 

Three things you can’t live without: coffee, my mug for coffee, lawns for lounging 

Describe yourself in ten words: Ten words are nice but I’m much better at haikus 

Favorite form of procrastination: answering emails and unnecessary list making, also keeping tabs on Kanye West’s latest ventures 

Worst/Best pick up line: Are you my appendix? Cause I really want to take you out! OHHH

Hidden talent: I’d say I’m slightly above average at catching onto to irrelevant trends in pop culture 

Alterego: Michael Cera, though we’re also star-crossed lovers…

Favorite study spot: Ref room always

Best piece of advice for freshmen: Do your laundry regularly, nothing worse than no clean socks

Name: Sara Heiny

Year: 2017

Major: English (minor in History with a concentration in Science, Technology and Environment)

Describe yourself in three sentences: I’m the person who looks like that person you know, but I’m actually just that person you know, so don’t get us confused! Furthermore, if you feel like you’re seeing double, then it’s probably because I’m all over the place (but in reality I just have a time-turner that helps me get stuff done). 

Campus activities: too many! (Writing Fellows, President of Columbia Classical Performers, member of Undergraduate Committee of Global Thought, research assistant, freelance musical cellist…) 

Favorite memory at Barnard: The day my laptop crashed and I had to take it into the Apple Store, I was so depressed coming home, that I got a giant bubble tea from Tea Magic. On my way back to my dorm, Anita, one of the security guards at the gate, asked me what was wrong, so I stopped and told her about my day. A year later, she came to one of my performances and gave me a bouquet of flowers after the show! Two years later, I still stop to talk with her whenever I see her. 


Why SGA: #whoruntheworld #womenleaders #freestuff

Three things you can’t live without: my puppy, my family and Japanese food. 

Biggest peeve: untimely email replies  -____-

Describe yourself in ten words: I already described myself in three sentences. Why ten words?

Favorite form of procrastination: sleep

Worst/Best pick up line: “Did you grow up in a cornfield, because I’m stalking you…” worst line you could possibly use on a girl from Indiana (who did in fact grow up near a cornfield). 

Three things you want to do before you graduate: become a Global Symposium Student Fellow, get into grad school or find a well-paying job (too serious? too soon?)

Hidden talent: Persuasion

Alterego: Your worst nightmare!

Favorite study spot: Tables outside Milbank (when the weather is nice)

Best piece of advice for freshmen: If you have any questions about the Foundations or how to fulfill them, just come find me!! I’m super approachable and for the past year and a half of my life (and counting) I have worked on designing/implementing it. 

Name: Nicola Kirkpatrick

Year: 2019

Major: Political Science with a concentration in Computer Science

Campus activities: SGA First Year VP, DG, Winter Housing Committee, Constitutional Review Committee, Pre-Law Society

Favorite memory at Barnard: I visited Barnard on a very cold and windy winter day during my junior year of high school. And although I left with a cold and some serious wind burn, I will never forget walking through the Barnard Gates and standing on the seal, thinking, “I could see myself here.”

Favorite SGA memory: Five days after I was elected, I was invited to the SGA retreat where I became very close with the representatives on SGA and found some amazingly unique friends along the way.

Why SGA: I wanted to be involved on campus from the get-go and the SGA elections seemed like a great opportunity to not only get involved, but represent and lead my fellow First Years.

Three things you can’t live without: the sun, house of cards, and the snap chat geotags

Biggest peeve: Incessant pen clicking!

Describe yourself in ten words: one, two, three, four, five, nix, seven, eight, nine, ten

Favorite form of procrastination: doing SGA work instead of schoolwork!

Worst/Best pick up line: Best: “hey.” So simple, so underused.

Three things you want to do before you graduate: go on the roof of butler, become friends with Emma Barnett, and host Harry Potter games on campus!

Hidden talent: When it rains, I sing “Umbrella” in the shower.

Alterego: Hillary on SNL 

Favorite study spot: Irving Farm on 79th and Broadway

Best piece of advice for freshmen: At least twice a month, go hang out downtown and explore other areas of NYC! It is not that far away

Name: Joanne Kim

Year: 2018

Major: Computer Science and History

Describe yourself in three sentences: I’m a tiny Californian, who loves sleeping, caffeine, and hamsters, with an end goal in life to have a apartment with a laundry machine/dryer and a pet lemur. I’m probably the last one to get a new tech trend, but I’ve finally caught up to smartphones, Macbooks, and Netflix. Fortunately for everyone, printers are mainstream enough.

Campus activities: APAHM, working at BCIT and the Development Office

Favorite memory at Barnard: It’s the end of finals for Spring 2015 and I’m with my future (now, current) suitemates – we’re celebrating at Amigos and even though the food is bad, I’m so happy to finish my first year here with so many new friends and experiences. 

Favorite SGA memory: During my first semester with SGA, I really admired how my fellow students on SGA continued to work to improve campus on winter housing, fossil fuel divestment, and many other issues despite other pressures. 

Why SGA: I love working with bold, beautiful Barnard women to help improve this campus for all students. Because we all come from such different backgrounds, I honestly believe that we can reflect the diversity of viewpoints on this campus and change our home for the better during our time here.  

Three things you can’t live without: Yogurt, Korean face masks, Boba (or as people call it here, Bubble Tea)

Biggest peeve: Follow-up Emails

Describe yourself in ten words: After class, a professor took a Instragram of me sleeping.

Favorite form of procrastination: Complaining about anything and everything

Worst/Best pick up line: Are you a 45 degree angle? Because you are acute-y!

Three things you want to do before you graduate: Run a marathon, grow two more inches taller, get an A in a computer science class

Hidden talent: Laughing at the worst times of a movie

Alter ego: the evil mother-in-law in Korean dramas

Favorite study spot: BCIT’s Diana Office

Best piece of advice for freshmen: Be a person that takes some effort to be, but not a whole lot. 


Name: Hannah Seymour

Year: 2017

Major: Astrophysics

Describe yourself in three sentences: Aspiring nuclear physicist wondering what that Python error is about. Knitting and switching between rereading Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and the Bible. Fastest walker in the construction tunnel. 

Campus activities: SGA, Hillel, interfaith, neutrino research, Peer-to-Peer tutoring, CU Gosh Yarn It! Past: Jumpstart

Favorite memory at Barnard: The “aha!” moments after many hours on a physics problem that I got to share with the super-smart physics/astro majors here.

Favorite SGA memory: Making excuses to stay way too long in the SLC after meetings so I don’t miss any of the top-notch banter. 

Why SGA: Because I love to be an advocate for students who are coming to Barnard without many resources, so their years at the school can be as fulfilling and happy as possible.

Three things you can’t live without: Sushi, WolframAlpha, neutrinos

Biggest peeve: When people walk slowly in the construction tunnel.

Describe yourself in ten words: import matplotlib.pyplot as plt plt.plot(#problemsets, #tears)

Favorite form of procrastination: Ironically reading annoying blogs. 

Mel’s, Cannons or The Heights: What are these, Peacefood and Gan Asia forever. 

Three things you want to do before you graduate: 1. Go to Midnight Breakfast 2. Get into graduate school 3. Go to the observation deck of 1 World Trade Center

Hidden talent: Strange knowledge of indigenous Siberian cultures.

Alterego: J. Robert Oppenheimer

Favorite study spot: Altschul 514

Best piece of advice for freshmen: Remember it’s important swim in your own lane. If you look over too much to see how far ahead other people are/what they are doing, you’ll drown. It’s important to recognize when others have unfair advantages but don’t let yourself feel inadequate—the things you do are uniquely great, the path you take is our own story—it would be majorly boring if all novels were the same! I am so good at metaphors.