Commuter Resources

Skip Stop Commuter Organization

Barnard College’s student organization for commuters was named after the now-defunct # 9 train (a.k.a. skip stop) which used to stop at 116th Street and Broadway. This group provides services to support commuter life at Barnard. Skip Stop hosts breakfasts, lunches, and snack breaks periodically in the Commuter Lounge.  Please feel free to stop by the Skip Stop Lounge, 103 Diana Center. Skip Stop Officers are elected on a yearly basis, each spring semester. The Officer Board is responsible for planning and implementing programs for the commuter community and oversees the use of the Commuter Lounge.

The advisor to Skip Stop is Denise Boneta, who can be found in the Student Life Office, 301 Diana Center. She is available to discuss, support, and implement programs for commuter students and put forward initiatives to support commuter students at Barnard.

“C” Sticker

Commuter students may enter Barnard residence halls.  Students must have a "C" sticker (available from the Student Life office, 301 Diana Center) and current semester sticker (available from the ID Center, 204 Kent Hall) on their student ID card and present it to the Front Desk Access Attendant. Please note: Commuter students may not sign in non-student guests into the residence halls.  If you have questions about the residence halls, please contact

Commuter Lockers

Lockers are located in the tunnels under Barnard Hall. Commuter students can obtain a locker by following these simple steps:

  1. Pay $3 at the Bursar’s Office in Lower Level Milbank Hall (15 Milbank).
  2. Bring the receipt to the Facilities Office in the Mezzanine of Barnard Hall (105 Barnard).
  3. A locker, along with its combination, will be assigned to you.

Do not forget to renew your locker registration at the end of the school year, or else you will lose your deposit.

Computer Labs

The main computer lab, located in 307 Diana Center, houses PCs, Macintoshes, two scanners and printers. Full-time and part-time student staff are available in this lab to help students with questions, problems, and general support. Four smaller labs, open 24 hours a day, seven days a week during the academic year, are located in the residence halls:

  • Sulzberger - two labs in the basement
  • Plimpton - off the Main Lounge
  • 616 W. 116th Street - off the lobby.

All computers in the labs provide access to BCIT-supported software applications and to the Internet. All of the labs have printers.

Dining Options On Campus

You may use your ID Card as a Debit Card for food on campus, by purchasing Dining Dollars. Dining Dollars can be used at all three Barnard campus eateries: The Hewitt Dining Hall, Liz’s Place at the Diana Center, and the 2nd Floor Café at the Diana Center. It is a convenient alternative to carrying cash. The 2nd Floor Café offers fresh gourmet sandwiches, a fruit and cheese bar, salads, thin crust pizza, and a variety of beverages. Liz’s Place offers freshly brewed coffees, lattes, and smoothies. For more information, call Dining Services at 212-854-6601.

There is a wide range of dining options in the Morningside Heights neighborhood. Pick up a copy of the Campus Pages for listings.

Working Out

To obtain a gym locker, go to the Physical Education Office on the Second Floor, Room 206, of Barnard Hall. You will be charged $10. If you will be swimming, ask for a locker near the pool area. The lockers are located in the Barnard Hall basement. The weight room is also located there.

Equipment ranges from Stair Masters to weight machines to free weights. Before you can use the gym, you MUST sign up for a Weight Room Orientation, which will familiarize you with the space and the equipment available to you. Upon completion of the Orientation, you will receive a “WGT” sticker, which serves as your pass to enter the weight room. You can use the pool during allotted hours, posted on the door to the pool. Please call 212-854-2085 for more information.

Another great place to work out is the Dodge Gymnasium on Columbia’s campus. You may use coin-operated lockers or pay a fee for regular locker service. You will find three floors of weight lifting machines, Stair Masters, and treadmills. You may use the squash courts, the swimming pool, the basketball court, and the track. You may also sign up for different classes offered at the beginning of the semester. There is also a sauna in each locker room at your disposal. The Equipment Room staff will provide you with fresh towels when you present your ID.

Health Services

All commuter students are entitled to the services provided by Primary Care Health Service, located in Lower Level Brooks Hall. These services are covered by the comprehensive fee.

Other health service programs that commuter students are entitled to include:

Public Safety Desk

104 Barnard Hall

In the event you forget your ID at home, you can receive a Temporary ID from the Public Safety Desk located in the Lobby of Barnard Hall.