Glicker-Milstein Theatre

The Glicker-Milstein Theatre (GMT) is a black box performance space under the purview of Barnard College Student Life. Over the course of the academic year the GMT offers student performance groups a professionally run space in which to explore works, artistic theories and practices. Centering on co-curricular arts education, the GMT offers multiple learning, leadership, and mentorship opportunities to students and student staff who participate in the variety of programs and events hosted by Barnard Student Life and the GMT.

The Glicker-Milstein Theatre is equipped with a theatrical lighting system with over a hundred standard instruments installed on the lighting grid. A repertory plot including channels is available upon request. The theatre is also equipped with simulcast video capabilities, an audio monitor system spanning all of the theatre spaces, acoustical wall panels and a theatrical sound system that provides exceptional coverage of the theatre space. The GMT also offers a projector and automated screen that is ideal for presentations or screening movies.

Support spaces for the GMT include the theatre lobby, two fully equipped dressing rooms with showers, the Prop room, the GMT Shop, props storage space and the use of the Dasha Epstein Theatre Lab/Green Room during performances.

During the summer months the GMT hosts the Glicker-Milstein Summer Theatre Festival. Now approaching its third season, the GMSTF fosters the producing of works that have meaningful genres/themes prevalent to gender, race, social justice, sexuality, and/or body politics, and are  related to the missions of Barnard College.

For more information regarding the Glicker-Milstein Theatre, including schedules and technical fees, please feel free to e-mail: