Coming Up on Campus

Upcoming Club Events

If you would like your event to be featured on this page, please e-mail Isabel Weiss, GBB Communications Chair, at

Club Recognition

Applications due November 5, 2015 by 11:59 pm 

For questions regarding club recognition please contact Vice Chair Michelle Wiryadi

Stage 1:

If your club has been active on Barnard's campus for at least two semesters, you are eligible to apply for Stage 1 recognition.  Apply by sending THIS FORM to Vice Chair Michelle at

As a Stage 1 recognized club, you will be assigned an advisor from Barnard Student Life, be able to book space on Barnard's campus, and receive a complementary allocation of $100.  

Stage 2:

If you've been recognized as a Stage 1 club for at least one semester, you are eligible to become a Stage 2 club.  Apply by sending THIS FORM to Vice Chair Michelle at

As a Stage 2 club you will be able to submit an allocation packet at the end of the spring semester requesting an allocation from GBB for the following year.  


Opportunity to advertise through Barnard Student Life

If student clubs and organizations want Student Life to advertise an upcoming program or event, they can submit their requests through our Social Media Advertising Request Form. The three main guidelines are:

  • Social Media Advertising Request form must be received at least two weeks in advance of the event.
  • Student club/organization must be recognized and in good standing its governing board in order to apply.
  • Program, event, or activity should be open to Barnard students