Leadership Development is proud to sponsor programs for first year students designed to enhance their leadership skills. They are the Emerging Leaders Program and Barnard Events Board. They will be accepting applications during the summer.

  • Emerging Leaders Program (ELP): This year-long program assists first-year students in developing key leadership skills through weekly workshops and seminar. In January, students enrolled in this program participate in a week-long Leadership Institute on public policy in New York City.
  • Barnard Events Board (BEB): Composed of first-years, the First-Year Programming Committee is responsible for programming four major events: Trivia Bowl, Music of Words, The SoapBox Event, and Acapalooza. Each of the events is run by an executive board comprised of First-Year students who are interested in learning about event planning.

Leadership Development also hosts the following opportunities for returning students:

Forging Unlimited Energy and Leadership (FUEL)- A Student Organization Conference: This joint venture between the Student Government Association and Leadership Development aims to equip student organization leaders with necessary skills for the upcoming year. This one-day conference provides opportunities for collaboration with other groups and serves as a great resource to supply student leaders with all they need to have a successful year.

Students of Color Leadership Retreat The Students of Color Leadership Retreat (SOCLR) is an annual retreat weekend that takes place in a residential camp setting during the fall semester.  SOCLR weekend is designed to fortify participants in their leadership at Barnard, Columbia, and beyond, to focus on shared experiences, and to critically examine various issues and "isms" that relate to living in a multicultural and diverse community. Upon returning from the retreat, students are galvanized by the enhanced connections made during the weekend and are able to continue in their work as student leaders with a strong supportive community behind them. During the weekend, student leaders of color work on building their leadership skills using a developmental process. SOCLR is designed for students who identify themselves as a person of color as a primary identity.

SOCLR is a joint venture between Barnard and Columbia and is open to all undergraduates.

LGBTQ and Allied Retreat The purpose of the LGBTQA retreat is to empower the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and allied communities by embracing diverse individuals from across the Columbia-Barnard campus for leadership development, skills sharing, awareness-raising, and community building.

This retreat is a collaborative effort between Barnard and Columbia and is open to all undergraduate students.

Barnard BLUE Summit Part of Barnard BLUE (Building Leadership and Understanding Equity), this off-campus, weekend summit embodies a holistic approach to leadership, exploring how our multiple identities and experiences shape our development as leaders. It is open to all Barnard students and helps foster a sense of community by focusing on personal growth, identity exploration, and building meaningful connections with others. The Summit will be from 12:00pm, Friday, March 27 through 1:30pm, Sunday, March 29. Please apply only if you can commit to attend the entire summit.

For more information and to apply, please visit:

Applications Due: Thursday, February  26 @ 9am