Students of Color Initiatives

Students of Color Leadership Retreat

The Students of Color Leadership Retreat (SOCLR) is an annual retreat weekend that takes place in a residential camp in Upstate New York during the fall semester. SOCLR is designed for students who identify themselves as a person of color as a primary identity. The central goals of SOCLR are  to fortify participants in their leadership at Barnard, Columbia, and beyond, to focus on shared experiences, and to critically examine various issues and "isms" that relate to living in a multicultural and diverse community. Upon returning from the retreat, students are galvanized by the enhanced connections made during the weekend and are able to continue in their work as student leaders with a strong supportive community behind them. During the weekend, student leaders of color work on building their leadership skills using a developmental process. SOCLR is a joint venture between Barnard and Columbia and is open to all undergraduates. For questions, please email Ana Angeles, Program Coordinator for Student Life, at

Identity-Based Community Meetups/Socials

Student Life hosts monthly meetups for students, faculty, and staff of color, and for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, and Asexual, LGBTQIA-identified students, faculty, and staff. The meetups are a space to connect, build relationships, and share experiences and resources with people who share these identities. 

Spring 2018 People of Color Community Meetups:

Preserving Personal Histories | Tuesday, April 16th | 1-2:00 PM | 302 Diana Center
Alternative Forms to Healing | Wednesday, May 1st | 1-2:00 PM | South Tower, Sulzberger Hall

Barnard Community Excellence Reception 

The Office of Academic Success and Enrichment Programs and Student Life at Barnard College hosts the Barnard Community Excellence Reception to acknowledge graduating students who have become great leaders within the Barnard community. These students have achieved academic excellence through their coursework and intellectual life on campus and have contributed greatly to the Barnard community. This senior recognition program will take place on Monday, May 16, 2016 from 1-2:30 pm and specifically celebrates the following communities of seniors: C­Step Scholars, HEOP Scholars, MMUF Scholars, Seniors who self-­identify as students or color, Seniors with disabilities, Seniors who self-­identify as members of the LBGTQ community, and Seniors who self­-identify as first-generation college students.

Zora Neale Hurston Lounge

The Zora Neale Hurston (BC ‘28) Lounge, named after Barnard’s first black alumna, commemorates her legacy in providing a safe space for Barnard students of color. This space, located at 121 Reid Hall in the Barnard Quad, is managed by the Barnard Organization of Soul Sisters (B.O.S.S.).  In this space, B.O.S.S. hosts biweekly discussions and events as well as open lounge hours on Tuesdays from 9PM - 11PM. Stop by for access to the library--filled with many of Zora Neale Hurston’s works as well as the works of other great authors including James Baldwin, Ralph Ellison, Maya Angelou, and more--or to catch up with B.O.S.S. members. For access, please contact B.O.S.S. at for details.

Latinx Heritage Month

Latino/a Heritage Month (LHM) is a collaboration between Barnard College and Columbia University. LHM strives to increase awareness about Latino and Latin American histories, identities, cultures, accomplishments, and contemporary issues.  During the month of October, the Latino Heritage Month committee works closely with students and the surrounding community to address issues impacting Latinos and Latin Americans internationally, within the United States, and on campus. Latino Heritage Month aims to strengthen the Latino community on campus and build bridges between students from a variety of backgrounds with a common interest in Latino and Latin American experiences. For questions, please contact Karina Beras at

Native American Heritage Month

The month of November celebrates the rich culture, history and political contributions of the worldwide contributions of Native American peoples. Native American Heritage Month (NAHM) is a collaborative effort between both Columbia University and Barnard College. Past programs have included (but are not limited to) the All Ivy Native Council Summit, dessert and discussion on Native American identity, movie nights, author series events, an "Indians and Indians" dinner co­sponsored with Columbia's Bhakti Club, along with other intellectual & social programs. For questions, please contact Karina Beras at

Black History Month

Held each February, Black History Month (BHM) celebrates the rich cultural, historical and political contributions of the Black Diaspora.Advised jointly by Columbia University and Barnard College, the Black History Month celebration annually features an Opening Reception, panel discussions, a networking social with faculty members from the Institute for Research in African­American studies, film screenings, Fashion/Culture Show, art exhibits, and much more! For questions, please contact Ana Angeles at

Asian Pacific American Awareness Month

Asian Pacific American Awareness Month (APAAM) is an annual celebration dedicated to promoting awareness of APA issues and history among the greater Columbia student body. The APA identity has been founded upon the struggles, activism, and passion of APA communities whose impact and voices still resonate with us today. However, we also recognize that each generation brings new meaning to the APA identity. Through programming, the APAAM committee hopes to bring all voices, new and old, heard and unheard, into dialogue with each other. Over the course of April, the committee showcases the stories of APA artists, activists, professionals, scholars, and more. For questions, please contact Ana Angeles at