Summer Theatre Festival

Summer 2017:

Regulars (Full Production), written by Christine Aucoin, chronicles a coffee shop struggling to keep up with the big name brands threatening to put it out of business. As the stakes climb higher, employees and customers alike must sort out their relationship with the space - and with each other. 

Cotton Harris (Reading), written by Kachi Iwu, tells the story of a black male writer who has gained fame for his Eddy Proctor and the Blue Plantation fiction books, a series reflecting the pains and oppression of slavery. However, he decides its time to write something new---a book that reflects his own pains. Along the way, he's guided by his best friend, Kenny Mohka, and the love his life, Jamie Price. The play itself serves as the first draft of that book. 


Summer 2016:

...And Silence Broke The House, written by DaMonique Ballou, is a drama that captures the burdens of parenting as family secrets of mental illness thrust 13-year-old Mara into adulthood.

It Takes a Village,written by Sandra Gooen, is a dramatic work that focuses on the tenuous relationship between religion, family, and sexuality.