Finding a Research Mentor

For students interested in conducting research with Barnard faculty, please consult the list below. Once you have identified faculty whose research interests you, then you should make an appointment to discuss opportunities that may be available in their labs. It is always a good idea to read a few of his/her recent publications to facilitate the discussion that you will have.
If you are interested in working at Columbia or elsewhere in New York City, then you can find listings of past mentors of Barnard students at several Department and Program websites. You can also look for mentors by finding their web pages through an internet search of local universities, medical centers, and research institutes. For excellent and detailed advise about how to approach a potential mentor, see the site created by the CU Biology Dept.

List of Banard Research Mentors


Faculty member

Contact information

Research interests

Bauer, Elizabeth

Neural mechanisms underlying emotional memory

Callahan, HIlary

Ecological genetics

Mansfield, Jennifer


Developmental genetics, Vertebrate development

Glendinning, John Chemical senses, ingestive behavior, food likes and dislikes

Pischedda, Allison

Evolutionary Genetics & Animal Behavior

Morton, Brian

Evolution of plastid DNA

Snow, Jonathan

The cellular stress responses of the honey bee


Faculty member

Contact information

Research interests

Austin, Rachel

Environmental bioinorganic chemistry; C-H and C-O bond activation; Inorganic neurochemistry

Buzzeo, Marissa

Redox-active biological systems; Determination of fundamental thermodynamic data and development of optimized electrochemical biosensors

Crowther, Andrew

Raman spectroscopy to study fundamental reactions of the nanomaterial graphene

Merrer, Dina

Mechanisms of intermolecular carbene additions to strained cyclic compounds

Rojas, Christian

Organic chemical synthesis of amino sugars

Sever, Mary

Metal-ion induced alterations in micro-RNA expression on the process of neurodegeneration

Vizcarra, Christina Mechanism of actin filament formation, and how proteins called formins initiate and regulate actin filament assembly

Environmental Science

Faculty member

Contact information

Research interests

Bower, Peter Forest ecology, Hudson River environment
Maenza-Gmelch, Terryanne Forest ecology, bird conservation 

Mailloux, Brian

Arsenic in groundwater, Geomicrobiology

Rodriguez, Sedelia Volcanology 

Stute, Martin

Global change, water, and energy

Physics & Astronomy

Faculty member

Contact information

Research interests

Halpin-Healy, Timothy

Phase transitions, critical phenomena, and the renormalization group

Mukergee, Reshmi

High-energy astrophysics and astroparticle physics


Faculty member

Contact information

Research interests

Balsam, Peter

Adapting behavior to changing environments

Heuer, Larry

Psychology of procedural justice

McCrink, Koleen

Development of numerical cognition

Remez, Robert

Relationships among perception, cognition and language.

Romeo, Russell

Effects of pubertal maturation on brain and behavior

Silver, Rae

Circadian rhythms, role of mast cells in brain

** Note: the faculty who run the Neuroscience & Behavior Program are located in the Biology and Psychology Departments. See the Neuroscience website for their names.

If you are looking for a summer internship outside NYC, review the internship opportunities listed by HSPP (many of which are funded).