Dance in the City - Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of dance background do I need to participate?

We ask that all DITC participants be enthusiastic about dance, but previous dance training or education is not required. Keep in mind, however, that dance technique classes are a large part of the program, and DITC students also create their own choreographic works to be performed at the end of the ten days. Participants should be comfortable with interpreting, creating, and performing movement.

What is an average day like?

Last summer, students took either Horton or Ballet at The Ailey Extension in the morning. After lunch, students either took a trip to a dance-related New York City site like the National Dance Institute or the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts or participated in another dance class like Contact Improvisation or Afro-Cuban. Academic class with instructor Sydnie Mosley followed, often supplemented with presentations and discussions with notable guest speakers like Siobhan Burke and Eva Yaa Asantewaa. At the end of each weekday, students had time in the studio to work in groups to choreograph pieces before having a night to explore the city or see a dance performance.

What is the academic workload?

In addition to technique classes and choreographic workshops, DITC participants will be expected to complete nightly readings and comprehension questions, as well as write response papers. DITC is a rigorous program both physically and academically, so come prepared to stretch both your body and your mind!

What should I bring?

There is no dress code at the open classes at The Ailey Extension, so bring clothing you feel comfortable dancing in. There will a ballet placement class after Orientation on the day you move in, so please bring ballet shoes. If you intend to take any extra classes in styles other than ballet or modern, please bring the appropriate shoes and accessories.

Will there be performance opportunities?

Students will be directed into groups of 4 or 5 dancers to choreograph a piece. They will perform the pieces for their fellow PCP students, faculty, and staff at our annual Festival of the Arts on the last day of the program.