Introducing . . .

It is so nice to see spring on full display this week with flowers blooming and trees leafing out all around campus. You may have noticed a small tree being planted on the lawn along the North-South Walkway. We are pleased to share that this is one of Maggie’s clones, grown into a sapling.
Nicholas Gershberg, Barnard’s greenhouse coordinator, took cuttings from the magnolia tree in early 2016 that – with his nurturing – produced this sapling. Nick has worked diligently ever since to support the sapling until it was strong enough to be planted on campus.
Nick and our Facilities team will be watching over this small magnolia during the next few months as it settles in. Please respect the small protective fence.
We’d like to give a special thanks to Nick for all his work to care for the clones and this sapling, and recognize Hilary Callahan and the members of our magnolia committee for their advice and thoughtful comments.