Swedish Poetry — Readings, Conversations and Criticism




Selections from Anna Hallberg’s verse, translated by the author (.pdf, 176k)

Selections from Wessel’s translation of “Liv” (“Life”), by Anna Hallberg (.pdf, 89K)

Selections from the work of Aase Berg, translated by Johannes Göransson
(link to actionbooks.org)



Readings and conversations with Anna Hallberg at Kelly Writers House, University of Pennsylvania, Fall, 2010 (link to University of Pennsylvania website)



Interview conducted on April 7, 2012, by Center director Peter Connor with Swedish-American poet and translator Johannes Görannson (link to YouTube, 44:31 minutes).

Interview conducted on February 24, 2012, by Peter Connor with Anna Hallberg’s English-language translator, Elizabeth Clark Wessel (link to YouTube; 24:37 minutes).

Conversation with Jörgen Gassilewski on “Close Listening,” hosted by Charles Bernstein and aired November 19, 2010 (link to artonair.com radio stream; 28 minutes)



Aase Berg’s With Deer, translated by Johannes Göransson (Black Ocean, 2008)




Photo by Sara MacKey