Meet the Council

Council Chair

Debra Minkoff
Debra Minkoff
Professor of Sociology
Dean for Faculty Diversity and Development
Debra Minkoff: I have had long-standing concerns, both academic and personal, about inequality and social change that inform my research and teaching as a sociologist and as a member of the Barnard community. As previous co-chair of the Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion, I’m committed to doing whatever I can to ensure the implementation of our recommendations, which will have a transformative effect on the College by changing institutional practices and providing opportunities for more inclusive connections among students, faculty, staff, alumnae and trustees. Although I’ll be cycling off as council chair at the end of this year, I’ll look forward to returning to the classroom and working within and around that space to create a more inclusive and engaged community at Barnard.





Student Representatives

Camille Allen
Camille Allen ’20
Hello! My name is Camille Allen and I'm a sophomore studying Sociology with a minor in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. I currently serve as Class of 2020 representative on the Council on Diversity and Inclusion (CDI), where I bring my passion for equity work and community building. On campus, I work as Resident Assistant of the Social Justice House, implementing social justice programming and coordinating events for my residents. I'm also involved with the Barnard Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP), where I work as a teaching assistant to promote college and career outcomes for historically underrepresented and marginalized middle and high school students. Recently, I had the honor of speaking at the Aspen Institute’s convening “Civil Discourse in a Fractured Age.” One of eight young people in the nation invited to the conference, I advocated for youth voice and developing agency among young people. I am honored to serve on the CDI, and I am committed to healing campus divides and building bridges between students, staff, faculty, and alumnae.


Jocelyn Cheng
Jocelyn Cheng ’18
Hello! My name is Jocelyn Cheng and I am a current senior studying Math and Computer Science. I am the Class of 2018 student representative on the Council on Diversity and Inclusion. Last year I was a part of Barnard's Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion, providing a student of color perspective and championing initiatives that would not only provide structural changes, but also foster community building. (You can read more about the recommendations here.) Anyhow, after the dissolution of the task force, I wanted to continue onto the implementation of the initiatives, so I joined the Council on Diversity and Inclusion. The Council has been meeting regularly since the beginning of the semester and I am most excited about engaging and connecting different constituencies through powerful programming.



Alaya Carr ’19

Photo and bio to come.



Faculty Representatives

Elizabeth Hutchinson
Elizabeth Hutchinson
Associate Professor of Art History
I'm Elizabeth Hutchinson.  I am an Associate Professor of art history and I teach in the American Studies and First Year Seminar programs, too.  My writing and teaching has focused a lot on the representation and inclusion of members of non-dominant groups in American art, and developing ways to think about culture's relationship to the settler state.  I have been active in promoting the growth of Native American studies classes on campus since I got here in 2001, and I also teach a course about Harlem.  Through my work as chair of the First Year Seminar program from 2012-2016 and my service on the Faculty Diversity and Development Committee (FDD) during the same years, I got involved in conversations about inclusive pedagogy.  My time on FDD has come to an end, but I wanted to continue to help move the Barnard community's work toward becoming more truly inclusive forward and I was very excited when the invitation came to join the Council.  One of the things that makes me confident in the Council's potential is the fact that it is bringing people from across the campus--staff, students, administrators and faculty--to the same table.  I look forward to seeing our community-building efforts take shape.


Karen Santos Da Silva
Karen Santos Da Silva
Lecturer of French Language and Literature
My name is Karen Santos Da Silva. I have been a lecturer in the French Department at Barnard since 2010 and I am a representative of off-ladder (non-tenurable) faculty on the Council for Diversity and Inclusion. While I also offer my perspective as a queer woman, I would say that my experiences with advising first-generation students are primarily what have informed my interest in the work of the Council. I want all Barnard members (students, faculty, and staff) to have access to the resources that will help them get the most out of their time here. Thus I am particularly enthusiastic about supporting initiatives that will provide structural and sustained support for all of our community members.



Manu Vimalassery
Manu Vimalassery
Assistant Professor of American Studies
Manu Vimalassery: I am an assistant professor in the American Studies program at Barnard. I understand that the politics of difference, as Black and Third World feminists have been writing about for decades, is central to how community is lived and framed. This is especially the case at a feminist institution of higher education. Diversity and inclusion, for me, are not ends in their own right, but potential avenues towards a redistribution of the resources that enable our work as intellectuals.



Exempt Staff Representatives

Anthony Otero
Anthony Otero
Associate Director Events Management
Anthony Otero is an accomplished Student Affairs professional with more than 15 years of experience in student affairs and development. He started his career at Syracuse University where he understood the importance of diversity and inclusion in programming. He joined Barnard College in the Fall of 2012 and specializes in event scheduling and management for the College and student organizations. Anthony is also a member of ACUI (Association of College Unions International) where he is the co-leader for the Community Practice of Multiethic Professionals and Allies. In this role, he has pushed for a pre-conference for men and women of color with the association. He is also the Inclusivity Coordinator for Region 7 (which includes Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Quebec). He is the author of two novels, a blogger, a pod-caster, and a contributing writer to the Huffington Post.


Alina Wong
Alina Wong
Associate Dean for Student Life
I'm Alina Wong. I currently serve as the Associate Dean for Student Life at Barnard College, which oversees leadership development, orientation, social justice education, community development, arts education, and identity and inclusion programs. Student Life engages social justice principles as a foundation for all of its work, including advising, program development, and events. As a facilitator and scholar, I focus on social justice education, and use critical theory and intersectionality to consider the ways students develop a whole sense of self, and how to examine institutional practices and policies around equity and social justice. I also provide workshops, trainings, facilitation, and lectures in identity exploration and social justice education. I served on the President's Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion, and am excited to continue that work on the Council on Diversity and Inclusion. Social justice is central to my personal and professional lives. I am eager to work with the Council and campus partners to infuse social justice throughout Barnard.


Non-exempt Staff Representatives

Nikki Chambers
Nikki Chambers
Admissions Counselor
My name is Nikki Chambers, and I've worked as an Admissions Counselor for the past four years here at Barnard. My commitment to diversity and inclusion in higher education truly began after I served in the Teach for America corps and witnessed the inequities within our K-12 system first-hand. After my teaching experience, I have made a commitment to understand further those inequities looked like in higher education. As a master's student at Teacher's College, I have been able to take relevant coursework like Social Justice in Higher Education and Purposes and Policies in Higher Education which has helped to further my knowledge and commitment to diversity, inclusion, and social justice in higher education. I'm most excited to work with my colleagues on the Council on Diversity and Inclusion on ways to implement educational programming and learning opportunities to educate current students, staff, and faculty on social justice issues within our community. We all know diversity and inclusion makes us better citizens of the world, and it is my hope that with our initiatives we can make Barnard a more transformative space in which all of us can engage, learn, and grow.


Christina Majia

HVAC Mechanic

Photo and bio to come.


Alumnae Representatives

Clair Tse
Clair Tse ’78
My name is Claire Tse.  My passion for being on Barnard’s Council on Diversity and Inclusion reflects my career which has focused on the value of diversity & inclusion to strive for social justice; hearing all voices, then making meaningful actions. Co-authoring The SOLVE Communication Method ™ book reflects how I facilitate intersectional dialogues to encourage modifying leadership behaviors where people feel who they are matters, and what they do matters. With 15 years in the corporate world, starting as Mobil Oil's first Asian American Marketing Representative in 1978, I learned, and now share, how to navigate cultures of sameness and difference. I feel both inclusion and engagement are essential for Barnard to survive and thrive.



Trustee Representatives

Jyoti Menon
Jyoti Menon ’01
President AABC
Hello, I am Jyoti Menon, and am President of the Alumnae Association of Barnard College and Barnard Trustee. In my world outside of Barnard, I work in digital payments at Citi where I lead the management and strategy our US Third Party Wallet (ex: Apple Pay) portfolio. Working in financial services and tech, I see first hand how important diversity is and I want to make sure that our community is one where diversity is discussed, appreciated, and expanded. I want to make sure we are educating students with different backgrounds and providing them with different perspectives to make them future leaders in any path they choose.


Linda Sweet ’63
I am Linda Sweet. I am a partner in Management Consultants for the Arts where I specialize in executive search for museums and other cultural institutions.  Because I work to help people get hired, I have had a long interest in assuring diversity in the work place. I am very proud of how many women I have placed in leadership positions even when museums were slow to hire women. I have been an active member of the Barnard Alumnae Association and I am now a trustee of the College where I am Co-chair of the Committee on Academic Affairs and a member of the Governance Committee.  I am also a member of the Council on Diversity and Inclusion. I majored in Art History at Barnard and began my career as an educator at the Brooklyn Museum and then became Dean of the Department of Public Education at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.  I have taught art history and museum education at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Bank Street College and Leslie College and now I’m a docent at the Whitney Museum of American Art and at the Rubin Museum of Himalayan Art.



Rob Goldberg, Chief Operating Officer


Marquita Amoah, Administrative Assistant, President's Office