Workshops and Events

Sign up to receive info about upcoming Well-Woman events and programs. Send us an email to let us know you'd like your name added to the Well-Woman Email List. All events take place in the Well-Woman office, 119 Reid, unless otherwise noted.

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Office Hours

Staff: 1-4pm, Monday-Friday
Peer Educators: 7-9, Tuesday*, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday

Drop-in to meet staff and peer educators, ask a question, grab a cup of tea, check out our wellness library, use a massage chair, and just relax in our comfy space!

*Tuesday peer ed office hours are POC office hours, held specially for students of color.

Craft Night

Every Wednesday at 7pm
Join peer educators for a different craft each week. Recent projects include knitting, friendship bracelets, origami, postcard decorating...if you have an idea for a craft club you'd like to see, please let us know!

GYN Education Session

By appointment: please email us at to schedule a session.

A GYN Ed. Session is a chance for you to:

  • Learn about exactly what happens during a gynecological exam, i.e.: what will it feel like? What tests will be performed? What kinds of information will they need?

  • Review the questions on the health history form (filled out annually for gyn appointments)

  • Get familiar with the instruments used during an exam

  • Learn about the services Primary Care Health Services offers and who the health practitioners are

  • Have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the exam or other health issue

All students who are having their first gyn appointment are strongly encouraged to attend an Ed Session. Students are encouraged to speak privately with a Peer Educator or Well-Woman staff member if they have personal questions.

Please Note: The Ed Session is meant to make you more comfortable with the setting, information, and issues which come up at gyn appointments to prepare you to engage in a thorough discussion with your practitioner. It is not meant to replace discussion with your practitioner.

When are Education Sessions and where?
Individual Ed Sessions are available anytime by appointment. Please email to set one up!

Who conducts the Education Sessions?
Peer Educators are Barnard students who, through Well-Woman, educate and facilitate discussions in the Barnard community about important health issues. They go through an intensive and an on-going training process in order to increase their knowledge and skills.

Call the Well-Woman office at 854-3063 or visit our office in 119 Reid. 

The Barnard Primary Care Health Service and Well-Woman believe that education is an essential component of health.  We are committed to helping students make informed choices through an understanding of their bodies and their health care needs.