Congratulations to the newly admitted Barnard Class of 2027! #Barnard2027 🎉🐻💙

The Whole Self

The Anatomy of Well-Being

The College’s commitment to holistic education starts at the top. Barnard President Sian Leah Beilock’s research looks at the mind-body connection and how health and wellness are directly linked to success.

Life as a student in an intellectually and academically challenging environment is both invigorating and intense. So is life after Barnard. That’s why the education you get here is not just for your degree. It’s also an education in self-care, life skills, and exploring who you are.

Feel Well, Do Well @ Barnard

Barnard has a strong support system, giving you a net to land in when you’re overwhelmed. Everyone manages stress differently, but as long as you have a method, Barnard is here to help.

Sydney Hotz '20

Free to Be

Workshops, dialogues, and community spaces on the Barnard campus reflect the College's ethos: You should feel safe to be yourself here, and to explore the experiences and identities that make you who are.

Healthy Relationships

Being Barnard raises awareness around violence prevention, from relationship skills and healthy sexuality to the ways our identities intersect with power, privilege, and oppression.


Juggling new friendships, a giant metropolis, clubs and activities, the 24/7 news cycle, a job or internship, and your academic course load — it’s a challenge. Peer tutors and learning support staff have your back. They’ll teach you skills like how to manage new challenges and soothe worries in the process.

See Support and Resources

The peer-to-peer learning program worked with me to improve my time-management and class scores, so I’m less worried today. I am now a very sociable and confident freshman who is not scared of new challenges.

Agie Neneh Sissoho ’21