All laundry facilities in College-owned buildings operate using a card system. Each wash or drying load is $1.25.

Laundry cards may be purchased or refilled with money at the Value Transfer Machine (VTM) in each residence hall (the VTM for the Quad is in the Sulzberger Lobby).  Students are encouraged to hold on to their cards over the summer so they do not have to purchase a new one.

If you experience any problems with the laundry machines, please contact Jody at

Note: the laundry cards at 601 W 110th St are different than the cards used in the other residence halls.

Laundry Room Locations

  • Quad - floors 2-8, in Sulzberger and between Reid/Brooks Halls
  • 600 W 116th St - 2nd floor
  • 616 W 116th St - basement
  • 620 W 116th St - basement
  • 601 W 110th St - basement
  • Cathedral Gardens - 10th Floor
  • Elliott - basement
  • Plimpton - basement

E & R Laundry Service

Spending all your time doing your laundry can be a drag!  
E & R Laundry has provided laundry service to the Barnard Campus for the past 15+ years.  Two different plans ("Look Sharp" & "Just the Basics") are available for Barnard students to purchase.  
To register, visit